Arma Zafarrancho Chiquis Upon Arriving Stunning at the Radio Awards

Taking shots! At the Radio Awards the singer, Chiquis Rivera dazzled and left speechless with a velvet dress with a large neckline to the navel

Once again Chiquis Rivera took the night of Los Premios de la Radio by looking stunning in various outfits that made the famous woman look splendid and more beautiful than ever.

The beautiful band singer arrived on the red carpet of the Los Premios de la Radio shooting and causing a great mess since the reporters wanted to know more about her personal life and her projects, but due to the crowding of people, she could not respond to everything.

Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter was the host accompanying Capi Pérez and Don Cheto in several presentations of the 2021 broadcast of Los Premios de la Radio, where she shone with her beauty.

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The famous did not miss the opportunity to impose with her spectacular curves, which led to the looks and compliments since in various outfits she revealed her curvy figure that has everyone in love. 

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It is well known that when it comes to showing off her beauty, Chiquis does it without any fear and this time, regardless of what they will say, she was exposed in a velvet dress with a neckline to the navel, which caused a great sensation in the audience.

As always, the beautiful singer was the focus of attention and won the ovation of locals and strangers by exposing herself in this way to all those who were witnessing the famous delivery of Mexican regional music.

The businesswoman is also one of the most important things to talk about and in this award, she turned on the spotlights since her arrival, since a great deal was created when she saw her appear on the red carpet where she moved everyone by ensuring that an apartment was bought in the Mexico City to come more often to the country that supports it so much.

Undoubtedly, the presence of the band exponent was one of the most besieged since with her charisma and beauty she never goes unnoticed, on the contrary, she steals everyone’s attention, since she has a unique personality that imposes.

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