Argentina one step away from achieving its place in the Qatar World Cup; Ecuador, in difficult compromise against an ‘ascendant’ Chilean team | Football | sports

Brazil, with their ticket to the World Cup, and Argentina, with the sweet taste of a close qualification, will meet this Tuesday in San Juan, Argentina.


Argentina, with Lionel messi barely 20 minutes on the court, he took a giant step this Friday to accompany Brazil to Qatar-2022 World Cup by defeating his historic rival 1-0 Uruguay at classic of the Río de la Plata.

The front Angel Di MariaAt minute 7, he scored the solitary goal of Argentina with category, which took an excessive prize from the Campeón del Siglo stadium in Montevideo, extending his undefeated to 26 games (17 victories and 9 draws).

The albiceleste (28 points) is very close to becoming the second South American team with a ticket to Qatar after Brazil, which stamped passport on Thursday before Colombia with a 1-0 in Sao Paulo, confirming their perfect attendance at the World Cups.

On Tuesday, the archrivals will meet again in San Juan (western Argentina): Brazil with the tranquility of the task done and Argentina with the sweet taste of a close classification. Both regional powers have a match pending on the sixth date.

Even the Seleçao will now transform qualifying into a test bed to launch into the sixth world crown.

But the task is very hard: Brazil was the last world champion for South America in 2002 and since then only Argentina reached a final in 2014, amid marked European supremacy.

Ecuador is third

Ecuador consolidates itself on the last step of the podium with a direct pass to the World Cup by defeating the bottom row with nothing to spare Venezuela (1-0), who is about to be confirmed as the only South American team to never attend a World Cup.

The team from the middle of the world wants to ensure their classification by making use of the classic defensive script of his coach, the Argentinian Gustavo Alfaro, although he suffered excessively before a vinotinto already in ‘farewell mode’.

But on Tuesday, at the close of the November window, Ecuador will have a vital duel. It will face each other in Santiago with an ascending Chilean team that accumulates three consecutive victories in the World Cup and with 16 points (4 place) leads a squad of combined that fight for one of the direct tickets or the playoff in case of qualifying fifth.

After his defeat with Brazil, Colombia remained in the playoff zone with 16 points, as did Uruguay (worst balance of goals) relegated to sixth position and with a difficult commitment on Tuesday against Bolivia at the height of La Paz (3,600 meters).

The celestial deserved more at home for her fighting spirit and vigor, but the lack of football generation is notorious.

Peru, another in trouble, improved on Thursday (3-0) against a Bolivia near the abyss but the team of Ricardo Gareca He is still in intensive care, although with a better prognosis, since on Tuesday he visits the almost eliminated Venezuela.

Results of the thirteenth date:

In Quito: Ecuador – Venezuela 1-0

In Asunción: Paraguay – chili 0-1

In Sao Paulo: Brazil – Colombia 1-0

In Lima: Peru – Bolivia 3-0

In Montevideo: Uruguay – Argentina 0-1


1. * Brazil 34 points, plus 23 goals (classified)

2. * Argentina 28, plus 14

3. Ecuador 20, plus 8

4. Chile 16, plus 1

5. Colombia 16, minus 1

6. Uruguay 16, minus 4

7. Peru 14, minus 6

8. Paraguay 12, minus 9

9. Bolivia 12, minus 11

10. Venezuela 7, minus 15

* They have their match suspended

Fourteenth date, to be played on Tuesday:

In peace: Bolivia – Uruguay

In San Juan: Argentina – Brazil

In Barranquilla: Colombia – Paraguay

In Santiago: chili – Ecuador

In Caracas: Venezuela – Peru (D)

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