Aren’t the birds real? The Generation Z Conspiracy

“In dealing with the world of disinformation over the past few years, we have been very conscious of the line we are treading,” he said. “The idea is intended to be very absurd, but we make sure that nothing we say is too realistic. That is something that must be taken into account when exiting the character ”.

Most of the members of Birds Aren’t Real, many of whom are part of a network of activism on the ground called the Bird Brigade, grew up in a world plagued by misinformation. Some have relatives who have been the victims of conspiracy theories. For this reason, for members of Generation Z, the movement has become a way of dealing collectively with these experiences. By disguising themselves as conspiracy theorists, they have found a community and an affinity, McIndoe said.

“Birds Aren’t Real is not a superficial satire of conspiracies from the outside. It is a satire from the depths, “he said. “A lot of people in our generation feel the madness in all of this, and Birds Aren’t Real has been a way for people to process it.”

Cameron Kasky, 21, a Parkland, Florida activist who helped organize the March for Our Lives student protest against gun violence in 2018 and participates in Birds Aren’t Real, said the parody “makes you stop for a second. and laugh. At a singularly bleak moment of coming of age, it doesn’t hurt to have something to laugh about together. “

McIndoe, too, has been drenched in conspiracies. During her first 18 years, she grew up with seven siblings in a deeply conservative and religious community outside of Cincinnati, and later in rural Arkansas. He was homeschooled and taught that “evolution was a massive brainwashing scheme by the Democrats and that Obama was the Antichrist,” he said.

Read books like Remote control, about, the book argues, hidden anti-Christian messages from Hollywood. In high school, social media provided a gateway to mainstream culture. McIndoe started seeing Philip DeFranco and other popular YouTuber on current affairs and pop culture, and went on Reddit to find new points of view.

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