Are Rockstar Games Too Violent? The authors of GTA came to “question their morals”

A veteran of the study notes, however, that they never lost freedom of expression.

Although it has been years away from Rockstar, veteran Jamie King was one of those responsible for the success of sagas like GTA or Max Payne, so he experienced first-hand the controversy and the harsh criticism the studio received over many years for the violence and themes its games covered. “I will always be proud of what we did because I feel like we were at the forefront of the debate with parents and children, and even governments, that video games weren’t just for kids“.

We never lost freedom of expressionJamie king“There were times when we had so much criticism of the type ‘you are ruining the morale of society’, as if we had to be dragged into the street to be stoned to death, as if we were the worst,” continues King in an interview. with the killazspain channel. “And there were times when of course we had that conversation: ‘Are we bad Is what we do wrong?‘”But at the end of the day the Rockstar team appreciated that most people were able to” process that content “and stay with the important thing, which is that they were good video games.

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There are always some extremes but we will always be proud of the debate that we helped spark, “explains the former Rockstar executive.” I mean, Manhunt… okay, Manhunt, was that too much? It was kind of intense, “he adds. But ultimately, at Rockstar we always” knew what we were doing and we cared deeply about the content we created. It was one of the things we cared about the most in Rockstar’s early days in New York. “The goal was always” to create great content. And give our best every day. “

“We take criticism personally. We feel it and we had to question our own morals, the way of working even, but we never lost freedom of expression. He was funny, smart, entertaining and did not encourage anti-social behavior, “concludes King, who in recent years has dedicated his efforts to working in the world of esports. As part of this interview he also talked about the multiplayer of GTA 3 that it was never finished.

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