Are Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo working together again?

whatPatrick Dempsey Y ellen pompeo do they work together again?

Since Grey's Anatomy came to light, both actors stole all eyes for the love relationship they had within fiction. In this way, the fans felt a lot of sadness when Dempsey left the series and therefore his character disappeared from the story.

In the past few days, Ellen confirmed that season 19 will be her last. Before her departure, many rumors about future projects began to emerge. One of them linked her again with her former castmate.

Although it seems like an excellent idea, the actor confirmed that the rumor is not true: "I haven't read anything, I haven't seen anything and I haven't talked to her about it." However, he is not closed to this possibility and is very grateful for the years he shared with the actress.


Since it recently premiered disenchantedthe sequel to Nice to meet you; the actor referred to how great it is to work with ellen pompeo and with Amy Adams: “They are amazing at what they do and that makes your job so much easier because all you have to do is be there, listen and perform with them. That has been something that I have enjoyed a lot and I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with both of them.”

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