Are hallucinations treated? Psychedelic Secrets

Although psychedelics have always been misunderstood, new research and experimentation has found that they can also have therapeutic effects.

Although psychedelic drugs have recently been licensed for use, it is expected that their full application by professional psychiatrists will take longer due to additional security measures in their purchase and importation.

psilocybin and MDMA

A new study confirms the effectiveness of psychedelics in the treatment of mental illness. For example, a post from 2022 New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that a single dose of 25 mg psilocybin effectively improved depression scores among a group of 79 participants.

Research also shows that psychotherapy Augmentation with MDMA is more effective in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder than conventional help or psychotherapy without such augmentation.

Research hopes to determine whether a therapeutic effect is possible without accompanying hallucinations.

Are hallucinations included in the therapeutic environment?

One aspect of this problem is the use of psychedelics for psychiatric indications/purposes, which means creating a psychotic state. The human experience of hallucinations accompanying pain and sleep occurs without clinical intervention.

Wallace described in a classic 1959 article that while Western societies often view hallucinations as a symptom of mental illness, many non-Western societies do not perceive hallucinations as a healing element in their explanatory models of medical illness, and in fact often do, according to the source cited.

Of course, not all hallucinations are beneficial, and any patient with such experiences requires a reasonable and thorough clinical evaluation.

Psychedelics provide a useful framework for psychiatry’s cultural understanding of hallucinations and movement towards the recognition that these experiences are usually not pathological.

Source: psychology today.

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