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Immersive, deep and intriguing. There are many words that can describe the world of Arcane, the new animated series that premiered on Netflix this weekend and is inspired by the universe of the popular video game League of Legends.

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In Arcane you can see several of the ‘champions’ of LOL like Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor. Plus, of course, hundreds of references to the video game universe. The story of the series takes place in the cities Piltover and Zaun, scenes of various rivalries between families and friends.

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The Tecnósfera team was on the red carpet during the premiere of the series at the studios of Riot games (LoL developer), in Los Angeles, USA. Relive here the interviews with actors and company personalities behind Arcane.

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Arcane, developed by Riot Games together with Fortiche Productions, manages to show a universe full of colors and movements that are quite evocative of LoL, a video game that continues to grow in audience and users around the world, as well as being a benchmark in electronic sports or e-sports.


The first three chapters of Arcane are available at Netflix since last saturday. In the next two weekends two trios of chapters will be released.

For now, the series has been well received by critics. In the specialized portal iMDB it has received a score of 9.4 out of 10. Users, LoL lovers and players or not, have highlighted the quality of the animation and how engaging the story can be. This is what one of the scenes looks like:

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Scene from the Arcane series, inspired by the League of Legends universe.

They’re already on Netflix

Riot Games continues to change the game of video games. This company has revolutionized this industry by putting gaming as the main entertainment center.

From a popular video game, to the consolidation of an electronic sport to having a series on Netflix. League Of Legends continues to open doors for video games in the world and in all industries. This will make the gaming world grow much more, especially in acceptance.

In an exclusive interview with EL TIEMPO, Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, co-founders of Riot Games, highlighted that Arcane can be the gateway to the world of LoL and videogames for many people who are not close to that type of entertainment but who consume series.

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