ARA’s interactive ‘Woman’s body, man’s medicine’ wins the Boehringer Ingelheim journalistic award

The interactive Body of a Woman, Medicine of a Man has been awarded the Boehringer Ingelheim prize for journalism and health outreach in the category of outreach in innovation applied to the quality of life of patients. The report, written by journalist Lara Bonilla with design by Ricard Marfà, programming by Idoia Longan and illustrations by Carmen Casado, takes a tour of different examples of gender bias in medicine and medical research. The jury of the award has agreed a technical tie between two projects and in the same category the work of Claudia Reig has also been the winner Giving birth in the 21st century, a production by Barret Corporativa for the audiovisual innovation laboratory of Radiotelevisión Española and À Punt Mèdia.

In the award ceremony, which took place this Tuesday at noon in a virtual gala broadcast over the internet, the ARA journalist Lara Bonilla, specialized in health, feminism and interactives, highlighted that the two winning works had in common the fact that put women’s health at the center. “We are half the population, but often our particularities have been made invisible. The general ignorance we have of the woman’s body is just one example of the gender inequalities that also exist in medicine and research, and that are also conditioned by gender roles. I am convinced that feminism has also come to stay in the health field because, as the professionals interviewed for the report say, once you become aware of this gender bias, the possibility of doing nothing is no longer possible. That is why I think it is necessary for the media to talk about health issues such as the pelvic floor, infertility, obstetric violence, abortion, endometriosis, breast cancer, over-medication and perinatal mourning, to mention some issues that until recently had been considered minor. In addition, medicine with a gender perspective benefits us all “, Duran has assured the virtual gala of the awards ceremony.

The digital version of the report, which was also published in the paper version of the newspaper, is the work of the interactive team, which also includes the programmers Jordi Guilleumas and Marc Funollet and the designers Jordi Olivé and Irene Gutiérrez. ARA’s interactive projects have been awarded a few national and international awards, such as the Laus, ÑH and the European Newspaper Awards.

The Boehringer Ingelheim journalistic award is the oldest in the State dedicated to health communication, and in this 34th edition it has received 421 nominations. Each of the winning works has been awarded 6,000 euros. The aim of the award is to promote the work of journalists and the media to bring public opinion closer to the advances that occur in the field of health and medicine. During the gala, presented by the journalist Mercedes Martín, Ismael Nafría, editorial and digital director of the magazine, spoke as a speaker. National Geographic Spain, who stressed that the Internet “has expanded the possibilities of telling stories in a much more interesting way.” “Investigative journalism regains its prominence and credibility thanks to the responsible work of the media that have decided to bet on a solid and reliable product,” he assured.

In this edition the report has also been awarded Mink threatens the development of anticovid vaccines, of the journalists of The world Teresa Guerrero and Cristina G. Lucio; the job The not-so-circular journey of household waste in Spain, by Clemente Álvarez and published in The country, and the interactive The country A lounge, a bar and a classby Mariano Zafra. In the category of best scientific communicator in social networks, the work of Rocío Benavente has been recognized by the Maldita Ciencia profile of

Family photo of the winners of the 34th edition of the Boehringer Ingelheim Prize for Health Journalism and Outreach

The jury was made up of Elena Lázaro, president of the Spanish Association for Scientific Communication (AECC), the journalist and science communicator América Valenzuela, the deputy director of The reason and member of the National Association of Health Informants (ANIS), Sergio Alonso, the pharmacist and scientific disseminator Gemma del Caño, the journalist specialized in technology and science Esther Paniagua, and the director of the Association of Directors of Communication DirCom, José Fernández-Álava. The jury had to choose between 421 applications divided into five categories.

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