Aracely Arámbula introduces her new ‘husband’ and social networks go crazy

The Mexican actress, Aracely Arámbula is one of the most beautiful women in the show, so it would not surprise anyone to find out that she has just found a new love. For this 2022, Luis Miguel’s ex-partner uploaded a photo that she presented as her new husband, this publication indicates that she secretly married a love that no one knew. Said announcement was presented on his official Instagram account.

Fans and the media are aware that the actress regularly separates her private life from her public life, because she does not like the harassment of her loved ones by the press, but On this occasion, she had no qualms about sharing a photo on her social networks to introduce who will be part of her family from now on, since it is her new husband.

This new love enters the list of personalities such as Luis Miguel, with whom he has two children, and Arturo Carmona, who even confessed that he was more of a father to the little ones Aracely than the same “Sun of Mexico”. This time it is about his professional partner, Alejandro de la Madrid.

The reality is that this publication was part of the presentation of one of the projects, so it is a fictitious couple. In the photo he appears with Alejandro de la Madrid, with whom they appear very close, but also very happy in one of the recording sets. The singer also shared a series of photos with the actor and some of the members of the production.

“Working with a lot of LOVE for you, here I present my husband in “The Rebellion of the Wives” here Mauricio and Mónica. I love starting the year with this project that excites me a lot. Very grateful to return to the set after a long time of pandemic in which I really missed acting and doing television for you my beautiful Ara Family Happy to coincide again with my beautiful Patron Gabriela Valentan to be able to hug each other again and film for you a story that I wish with all my heart that you like it as much as the others”, explained the artist in the message that accompanies the photo album.

Within the comment at the bottom of the photo, he made it clear that he really enjoys working with Alejandro de la Madrid because he laughs a lot and enjoys the laughter. Now we just have to wait for it to be released the project so that their fans can enjoy the marriage of these actors in “The Rebellion of the Wives”. To finish the message, he made it clear that he wishes everyone health and that he hopes everyone likes the series.

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