Aracely Arámbula and her promising dress, “goddess”

Goddess! It is surely the first word that came to mind when admiring the beautiful Aracely Arámbula with a more than original dress in golden pain on stage.

the chule It would have been part of the conduction of an awards ceremony and as such, she did not take care in her attire and looked like a statuesque goddess, surely becoming the most attractive of the night.

Aracely Arambula For the occasion, she chose a gold-colored dress that made it impossible not to look at it, the more than brilliant outfit was sheathed like a second skin on the curves of the famous and delimited her small waist.

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Without a doubt, what most delighted the actress’s followers was the pronounced neckline of her dress that descended to her waist and gave the impression that there was nothing underneath but her enormous charms.

Aracely Arámbula Jacques chose small accessories to give the final touch to her elegant dress, in addition to evening makeup that made her look more than beautiful and her blonde hair completely straightened.

Luis Miguel’s ex is one of the most elegant and beautiful women in the show, many say that this beautiful woman must have some secret to look so young, radiant and beautiful even before the passage of time.

The beauty Aracely Arambula She began her career in telenovelas when she was quite young in melodramas such as “Muchachitas”, and over the years she became the protagonist of stellar telenovelas with telenovelas such as Abrazame muy fuerte.

Already at the top of Televisa’s melodramas, La Chule drastically disappeared from the screen to dedicate herself to love and starting a family next to Luis Miguel.

Although many considered them one of the most beautiful and admired couples in the show, the end of the love story was revealed without many explanations and two children involved.

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