Apple has new rules for NFT and cryptocurrency apps

The App Store updates its guidelines for cryptocurrency and NFT apps.

Apple has new rules for NFT and cryptocurrency apps

For some time now, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have gained a lot of strength among a community that likes the digital economy.

These digital assets are normally exploited on PC computers, although they have also arrived in a mobile version to smartphones. On the iPhone in particular, we can find some applications within the App Store that allow you to obtain, manage or have control of these, even apps with information on the price of these cryptocurrencies.

Until now, these apps have had some “freedom” in many ways that are now set to change as Apple has announced updates to the App Store Review Guidelines to provide guidance to help developers know what they can and cannot do with this class of apps.

Updates are targeted specifically at in-app purchases, emphasizing that the cryptocurrencies or NFT obtained are not a means to unlock content within the apps. This after the 3.1.1 guideline was revised, which says:

“Apps may not use their own mechanisms to unlock content or functionality, such as license keys, augmented reality markers, QR codes, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency wallets, etc.”

Now, the information has been more detailed and clear and precise instructions have been added. The addendum dictates the following:

“Apps can use in-app purchase to offer and sell services related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as minting, listing, and transferring. Apps can allow users to view their own NFTs, provided that the property of NFT does not unlock features or functionality within the application Applications may allow users to browse NFT collections owned by others, provided that applications do not include buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct users to customers to purchase mechanisms other than in-app purchase.”

Crypto and NFT iOS

In the App Store there are various apps that will help you with your cryptocurrencies and NFT

These applications are not the only ones that have had a new perspective to be able to work on iOS and stay within the App Store, because Spotify has again exposed accusations against Apple because the company has already rejected the update of its app three times because it does not comply with the rules of the App Store.

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