Apple catches an employee stealing, bribing and falsifying invoices

Apple is known for offering its premium products under the brand of the bitten apple. We have a wide variety to choose from between smartphones with the iPhone, tablets with the iPad, laptops such as the MacBook and a long etcetera. The materials and construction quality of these, together with the logo, indicate that we are dealing with devices that cost a lot of money. But speaking of moneywe have a former employee of Manzana who managed to get $17 million during the course of 7 years doing multiple scams.

Apple is a great company that is loved by many fans, but it doesn’t have the best track record when you consider its practices. For example, with the arrival of the iPhone 12 He decided stop include charger when buying the mobile. According to the company, this was necessary to pollute less and reduce costs, but for many users it was just a way for Apple to get more profit. And it is that, unless we already had a purchased charger compatible with the new smartphone, we would have to checkout and buy a new one. Another example of practices that ended up becoming a demand for Apple is the clear example of planned obsolescence on older iPhones. models like the Iphone 6 they performed worse with the new updates and Apple was required to provide compensation in return.

Former Apple employee faces 25 years in prison for fraud

Apple Money Theft Scam

The recent news from Apple is not about its devices, the future iPhones and the price increase, but this time we are going to something more related to one of its workers. Rather, a former employee, since he left the company in 2018after being discovered in red-handed. But before this happened, let’s go back to the beginning, to the year 2008, when Apple hired Dhirendra Prasad to work in the global supply chain.

His responsibility in this position was to purchase services and components for the company through authorized suppliers. Although Prasad was expected to do this work through the legal route, the employee soon decided to venture the other way instead. It was in 2011 when he started steal components, falsify bills Y accept bribes. Perhaps we thought that he was the only one involved in this type of scam, but nothing could be further from the truth, since he had the help of at least two of Apple’s suppliers to get a good extra money.

In fact, Prasad’s scam is estimated to have resulted in a loss of $17 million for Apple. However, after being discovered by Apple, it filed charges. Now being found guilty, Prasad would face up to 25 years in prison for their misdeeds.

He worked with the suppliers and falsified the invoices

apple company

The methodology used by Prasad needed an assistant to carry it out and interested Apple suppliers soon appeared. The first was the company CTrendsleadered by Don Bakerwhich received motherboards Y disassembled the components. After this, the former Apple employee generated the sales report, while Baker filled it in with the extracted components and created a false invoice. Like good teamwork, by succeeding in the scam, they shared the money between the former Apple employee and Baker.

Something similar happened with the second supplier who helped Prasad with the scams. This time it was the former Apple employee who shipped the Apple components to Quality Electronic Distributors. here your boss Robert Hansen, packaged the components and returned them with fraudulent invoices. Once this was done, Prasad only had to falsify the purchase requests and fraud carried out. During these 7 years that Prasad was deceiving Apple, had to create a ghost company to hide their illegal businesses.

Thanks to his cronies Baker and Hansen, the expenses were recorded as tax deductions. With the end of the business, the US Department of Justice ensures that Prasad and his accomplices evaded 1.8 million dollars in taxes. Now he only has await your sentencewhich is scheduled for March 14, 2023.

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