App Store prices go up tomorrow. If you were thinking of buying any of these apps, now is the time

Tomorrow, October 5, the App Store will adjust the prices for reflect the exchange rate between dollars and euros. A change that will also happen in Japan, Sweden, Chile, and several other countries and that can lead us to consider advancing the purchase of that app that we had in mind.

A good time to buy

Although the change from 0.99 euros to 1.19 or even from 3.99 to 4.99 are of little importance, in the ranges of higher prices the difference starts to be more noticeable. Taking this into account, there are some apps that we may be better off buying today. From Applesfera we recommend some.

Miguel López reminds us that Procreate, the famous drawing app for the iPad It costs 9.99 today on the App Store. He also recommends Warbits, a strategy game for our iPhone or iPad that we can buy for 4.99 euros. Fran Bouzas tells us about DOO, a minimalist app for managing tasks on our iPhone or iPad that we can buy today for 4.99 euros in the App Store.

Javier Lacort tells us about Reeder, the RSS reader that we can buy for 4.99 euros in the App Store. An excellent app for stay up to date with all the news from a single app. He also comments on how attractive it is today to pay 39.99 euros for Pixelmator Pro, the photo retouching app par excellence on the Mac. Javier’s list continues with Goodreads, Things, GoodLinks, and HealthFit.

Personally, I think it is a good time to get hold of popular apps like iA Writer, which costs 49.99 euros in the iPhone and iPad version. I also recommend Affinity Photo, the app I use for photo retouching on both Mac and iPad.

Apple will raise the prices of the App Store in October in several countries, including Spain

The list could go on, no doubt, and furthermore, each of us would have some interesting app to add. Beyond these recommendations, if we have an app about to buy, today is the best day.

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