Apex Legends Season 14: All the details on Vantage and his abilities in combat

Apex Legends will celebrate on August 9 the arrival of its Season 14, under the nickname Hunt. The new content framework of the success of Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment stands out for the incorporation of a new legend of weight. Vantage arrives to turn the meta upside down as a character revolving around the sniper archetype. FreeGameTips attends his official presentation to find out how he performs in battle.

Vantage, hardened in survival

The young woman sets a precedent as the youngest legend to join Apex games. Her life has been marked by her constant adaptation to hostile terrain. From the hands of her mother, Vantage has learned since she was little that she must face all the problems that come her way.. No obstacle can stop her.

His youth is transmitted through his character, jovial and with the impudence that marks the years. For Rachel Gagner, concept artist at the studio, the creative line they wanted to follow with her design was “make your image show a capable character”. And she adds, “The look of her is that of an explorer, that of a person who has survived in all kinds of harsh climates.”

Long before he was born, his mother suffered a prison sentence for a crime she did not commit. Her transfer to a flying prison took her to Págos when she crashed for reasons that have not transpired. The metal parts on Vantage’s armor are repurposed remnants of the ship. Her passion for technology led her to customize to the extreme an old Sentinel sniper rifleprotagonist of his ultimate ability.

Apex Legends Vantage Season 14 legend all abilities

Vantage has the company of his faithful and inseparable pet, Threw out, which also sets a precedent as the first living companion of a legend. He aids her in combat by soaring through the sky and creating escape routes when the situation calls for it.

In Battle: Vantage Abilities in Action

Vantage arrives to occupy the position of Legend that revolves around long-range weapons. “After making characters focused on submachine guns and light machine guns, we felt it was time to make one focused on sniper rifles,” explains Chris Winder, legend designer and main responsible for the direction of the character’s gameplay.

The initial prototypes made her a legend that could take down enemies with just a single hit from his ultimate. They then turned to a rifle capable of constant negative effects. None fit. They ultimately decided to make that background as a scout carry over to her actions on the battlefield as well. He receives information about the environment and the enemies that he can use both in his favor and for the rest of the squad.

Next, we leave you with his main abilities.

  • Passive: Marking Lenses | “Using his Marking Lenses to read tactical information about the enemy squad from a distance, Vantage is always ahead with critical information like the Legend’s name, his shield rarity, team size, and distance from him.
  • Tactic: Echo Relocation | “Vantage’s partner Echo is ready to help her reposition herself in battle. Using her modified jetpack and her targeting system, Vantage can launch herself at Echo’s position and take advantage of the height.”
  • Absolute: Mark of the Sniper | “There’s nowhere to hide from Vantage’s custom sniper rifle, which reveals enemies with its optics and ammo; an accurate shot marks the position of enemy squads for 10 seconds accompanied by a diamond-shaped marker, and its damage increases with each hit.”

His passive works with any medium and long range sights you attach to your loot weapons. Items such as how many members of that squad are still alive and what is real time bullet drop. As you can see, playing as Vantage dictates which attachments and weapons you should use to take full advantage of his abilities.

On the other hand, his tactical ability works on two clicks. When you think you’re going to need to escape soon activate Echo, which will start to fly near your position. Press a second time in the direction you will jump to make your pet ready. When you contact him you will perform a kind of double jump that takes you to the final scene.

Apex Legends Vantage Season 14 legend all abilities

There are several aspects of his ultimate to keep in mind. When you activate it you will draw a third exclusive weapon, Vantage’s custom Sentinel sniper rifle, with which you’ll have five shots before it runs out. Each bullet deals 50 damage to previously marked targets hit. At the same time, your teammates can benefit from the mark by increasing the damage they deal to it.

Are you ready to control it? Remember that you will be able to get hold of it once the contents of Season 14 of Apex Legends arrive on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch next August 9.

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