Any Lab Doral surprises with a test to detect infidelity

“Previously, when infidelity was suspected, people incurred the expense of hiring a private investigator, tapping the cell phone or their partner’s messages, looking for makeup stains on clothes, but today scientific and technological advances allow us to analyze and investigate much more in-depth, ”said Rosmary Villanueva, manager of Any Lab Doral, who revealed that, according to her polls, women lead the infidelity rates in Miami.

About the exams

Discovering hidden relationships and illicit affairs at Any Lab Doral has become an expert work in which scientists and experts come together to provide solutions to the men and women who, through these examinations, even discover if the infidelity was carried out with a man or woman.

“We cannot disclose our protocols regarding these exams, but we have had very dramatic cases where, for example, a patient has discovered that her husband is unfaithful to her with another man,” said Rosmary Villanueva.

“With an article that contains biological fluid, we can obtain viable samples that allow us to get to the truth. And these fluids can be present in an intimate garment, a cushion, a sheet, or even in stockings, “he added about the procedure.

People between 35 and 50 years old are the ones who most request this test to detect infidelity, which Any Lab Doral offers confidentially to its patients, to which services are also provided at home, in case people do not want to or not can approach the laboratory.

“As health professionals we always put ourselves in the position of the patient. In this case, we understand that taking this test is a very difficult step, so we try to understand the problem and give the people who request it the maximum amount of emotional support. The idea is that patients feel comfortable and supported, ”Villanueva said, adding that test results can take 5 to 7 business days.

“Once the viability of the sample is confirmed, the patient is informed of the time of the investigation and the delivery of results,” he clarified.

About the lab

Under the administration of Jesús Gómez Linares since March 2014, the Any Lab Doral laboratory has achieved notoriety specializing in all kinds of tests and treatments to strengthen the immune system, such as IV Therapy, an intravenous procedure used to rehydrate the body, without passing through the gastrointestinal tract, in order to better distribute nutrients.

“As a laboratory and with the help of doctors we have created six types of IV Therapy focused on the needs of each patient. For example, we have therapy to strengthen the immune system, another to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the health of hair and nails, one that promotes weight loss, another for athletes, and even one to relieve hangovers, since it provides high levels of hydration and detoxifies the body, ”Villanueva said about the treatment that consists of a cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

“Intravenous fluids are faster and more effective than oral supplements and medications since they are administered directly into the bloodstream and are immediately distributed throughout the body,” concluded the expert on laboratory therapy that offers residential and business services, in addition consultations and medical advice.

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