Another US congresswoman publishes photo of her children armed with rifles

After the scandal that the congressman unleashed Thomas massie by uploading a photo of her armed family to Twitter, days after a shooting in Michigan that left four students dead, another congresswoman, Rep. Lauren Opal Boebert, posted a photo of her with her family, all armed with rifles.

“The Boeberts have your six,” Opal tweeted in response to Massie. “But we don’t have ammunition in reserve for you,” he added. In his tweet, Massie asked Santa for ammunition.

Opal, Republican representative for the third district of Colorado, thus expressed his support for Massie, after the criticism he received for uploading that photo.

She is an activist for the right to carry firearms. She also owns a restaurant, Shooters Grill, in Rifle Town, where staff are encouraged to carry firearms.

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Supporter of former President Donald Trump, with whom she posted a photo in early November, in which she is wearing a dress with the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon,” which Republicans use as a kind of code to insult Joe Biden, Boebert She has voiced support for the QAnon conspiracy theory movement, though she claims not to be a follower.

In response to the tweet, attorney Andrew Weinstein posted that “we need to elect more members of Congress who want to make it easier to vote and make it harder to buy guns.”

Fred Guttenberg, who lost his daughter Jamie in the Parkland, Florida shooting, tweeted that “the monster that killed my daughter and 16 others was inspired by photos like this one. Because of your incompetence as a mother, as a responsible American gun owner, I definitely see a future school shooter in this photo. “


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