Another one! New Argentina FUT Heroes leaked for Ultimate Team

It seems that FIFA 23 would have quite a few new ex-footballers because, in addition to the four FUT Heroes that have already been confirmed by EA Sports (Marchisio was the last of them), leaks are frequently emerging that point to other retired players. yesterday we discussed the case of Diego Forlan and today @FutSheriff say what Javier Mascherano could also return to Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Leak – Javier Mascherano FUT Heroes

He is a former player who probably excites quite a few people for being Mascherano himself, although in the gameplay it will be difficult to stand out. And we say this because he has almost always been a slow player in Ultimate Team, in addition to the fact that he is only 1’74.

It would be a big (and positive) surprise if he had top pace in FIFA 23. But if he doesn’t have significant speed and isn’t dominant in melee due to his height, it seems complicated that it offers the performance of the top cards at the start of the season. Although it may have some privileged defensive stats to compensate for those aspects.

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Even in his most powerful versions, he wasn’t a player who excelled at speed. And joining that lack of rhythm with the 1’74 height is worrying (designs thanks to

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