Anne Hathaway’s joke to explain why you should never trust a celebrity

start blowing one Mandarin to “incorporate citrus into your life” has served to make people aware that you should never trust celebrities. With this very graphic example, the American actress, Anne Hathaway He wanted to show in a humorous way that having blind faith in famous people can lead us to act in the most ridiculous way.

Fu in the morning magazineThe Ellen DeGeneres Show’ where the interpreter engineered her masterpiece. Invited to the program to talk about her latest film activities, Hathaway decided to share with the viewers and the audience a knowledge that she learned during a family trip.

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Thanks to a book by a supposed Doctor Q entitled ‘The healing power of citrus fruits’ by just peeling a tangerine, placing it in the mouth and blowing and inhaling through the central hole, they could ingest citrus. All present, with a tangerine in hand, followed the steps dictated by the actress.

The result? Dozens of guests, even the same presenter, falling for the joke equipped by Hathaway. “Do you feel a little better? It’s impossible, I made up the whole story,” she explained mockingly, leaving a moral to those present: “Don’t put anything in your mouth just because someone famous tells you to.“.

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