Anne Hathaway Reveals Which Canceled Star She’s Still A Fan Of & Whether She’s a ‘Time Traveler’

United States.- Anne Hathaway He showed off his great body in an athletic photo shoot for Interview magazine for the June issue. Along with her amazing photos, the celebrity talked about some of her favorite things, as well as the art of a “cancelled” celebrity she can’t get enough of, while answering 20 questions from 20 of her Hollywood friends and fans. .

The 39-year-old actress appeared on the cover of said publication wearing only a black bulletproof vest with shoulder pads. Furthermore, she posed with a red jump rope wrapped around her neck and her mouth slightly open. Her hair was worn down and parted on one side. She gave her eyes intensity with a faded black liner.

Anne Hathaway

For the photo shoot, Anne donned various designer brands like Gucci and Prada, while looking very daring in various gym outfits. As for the question and answer session, celebrities such as Jessica Chastain of Mother’s InstinctJulie Andrews of Princess Diaries Y Jake Gyllenhaal. Also, fans like the model Bella Hadid and John Waters They also sent theirs.

But without a doubt the one who asked him one of the most interesting questions was Mindy Kallingof officeas he asked him what “problem or canceled person art do you still secretly love”, so Hathaway admitted that the comedian Aziz Ansariwho was accused of sexual misconduct in 2018, was his favorite canceled person.

Aziz Ansari. I think Master of None is one of my favorite modern romance series. Yes”.

Aziz Ansari

About the current cultural icons that he finds with great energy, he mentioned Billie Eilish and Harry Styles. On the skill that she would love to learn “instantly” if given the opportunity, a question sent to her by Jessica Chastain, she noted, “If I had to pick one skill that I could have instantly, it would be a tie between being a professional-level dancer and being a professional. concert level pianist. Because that mind and that body and that strength and that ability to express yourself carry you through life. They both require enormous intelligence, refinement and discipline, and that’s how you interact with the world.”

Jake Gyllenhaal wanted to know what she enjoys more, singing or acting, as she is “very good at both”, Anne said she doesn’t really consider herself a singer because she thinks her mom is the one with the ultimate vocal skills. Despite knowing how to sing, she noted that “acting was always where she felt she had the greatest range of expression.”

Anne and Jake
Anne and Jake

I love the way the puzzle pieces fit together in putting together a performance. Usually when you sing it’s you and the audience, and when you’re performing it’s you and a bunch of other people. I love the teamwork of acting. That’s beyond me.

As for Hadid, she brought up an internet theory that she and her husband Adam Shulman are “time travelers”, this because of his great resemblance to William Shakespeare and because his wife was also called Anne Hathaway who looks like her. “I would love and die if you could tell me here first, if you really are a time traveler and your thoughts on this?” Bella asked, to which Anne replied, “That’s actually the most adorable question of all. And he looks like William Shakespeare, doesn’t he? Situation ongoing, but I’ll update when I see you.”

Anne and her husband
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