Anne Hathaway finally answered the question we all ask ourselves: who is the real villain of The Devil Wears Fashion?

The Devil Wears Prada It was a box office success and remains one of the most played films despite being 16 years old. The film starring Anne Hathaway was a fashion icon in the 2000s, in addition to having the special participation of Maryl Streep as the supposed villain. However, time passed and very conflicting opinions were formed as to who was the real obstacle to Andythe character of Hathaway: Did your boss or your boyfriend prevent you from growing personally?

The satire in which Anne shared credits with Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt Y Stanley Tucci It is one of the most remembered of recent years. Whether for the Miranda Presley of Streep, the impressive costumes or certain phrases that became a meme, the film does not go unnoticed even 16 years after its premiere. But around her there is a question that has generated debates on social networks: Who was the real villain of the film: Nate either Miranda?

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