Anita Álvarez and other athletes who have fainted in competitions

As well as Anita Álvarez, these are the athletes who fainted in full competition | Photos: AFP

Anita Alvarez, a Mexican-American swimmer who fainted in the middle of the competition, shocked the world when she saw how her coach had to jump to save her. That is why in Uno TV we present other cases of athletes That faintedn while competing.

The shocking case of swimmer Anita Álvarez

The American swimmer Anita Alvarez passed out in the pool during the free solo final of the World Swimming Championships in Budapestwhich is why her coach Andrea Fuentes he rescued her unconscious from the water.

After reportedly leaving the pool on a stretcher, Alvarez He is recovering and is out of danger, although it was indicated that he will be subjected to different tests in the coming days to reveal the causes of the fainting.

Other athletes who have fainted in competition

Last May 10, Ronald Araujo, Uruguayan defense FC Barcelona, starred in a worrying scene in the duel between the Barça and Celta when he hit his head after a jump with Gavi from which Araujo came out very badly, to the extent that he left the Camp Nou in ambulance.

His teammates, as well as Iago Aspas, they realized that it could be a serious injury and desperately asked for medical assistance. The presence of the ambulance who transferred him from the emergency room to Barcelona Hospital, where it came from a few days later.

On June 12, 2021, when Euro 2021 was played, Christian Eriksena player from Denmark, became one of the athletes who fainted What Anita Alvarez when he fell on the grass due to cardiac arrest, he received resuscitation maneuvers on the field in front of the desperate faces of his teammates.

Eriksen The 29-year-old collapsed suddenly on the pitch just before half-time, his eyes wide. The game was interrupted and his companions surrounded him forming a circle around her, some of them with tears in their eyes, while the emergency services tried to revive him. He currently plays for Brentford FC.

The French walking competitor, Yohann Dinizhad a tough competition in the 50km walk at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The European athlete he passed out due to exhaustion in the middle of the street during kilometer 33. After receiving medical attention, he recovered and finished in seventh place.

Diniz drew even more attention than Anita Alvarezsince he is the competitor who suffered an attack of diarrhea in the middle of the race due to the effort put into the race.

The Venezuelan Genesis Rodriguez She was a victim of physical exhaustion when she collapsed in front of the cameras at the XVII Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. The athlete was treated by the fair’s medical team and finished with the silver medal in the 53-kilo category.

The case of the South American athlete was similar to that of the swimmer Anita Alvarez in that members of her team could be seen desperately trying to help her after having faint in full competition.

The Uruguayan Alvaro Pereira stayed faint on the pitch after receiving a knee to the head at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil when the group stage match against England was played.

The footballer remained motionless and stared blankly for a few seconds before falling unconscious. In the end it was all a scare and Pereira stayed on the field for the rest of the match and played the rest of the matches with the sky blue squad. Another case similar to Anita Alvarezalthough in this case it was due to a blow.

Another reason why the athletes tend to faint in full competition is due to heat stroke, such was the case of the Belarusian tennis player, Victoria Azarenkoduring the 2010 US Open.

The tennis player Fainting on the track when she played the second round match against Argentina’s Gisela Dulko. Barely half an hour into the game, she fell to the ground, a victim of the prevailing heat in New York. The athlete had to leave the field in a wheelchair and with an ice towel around her neck.

In 2015, the incident suffered by the Venezuelan starter for the Cleveland Indians, Carlos Carrasco. The right-hander was hit in the first inning by a hit by Chicago White Sox player Melky Cabrera. The ball collided with Carrasco’s glove and then hit him hard in the face.

The pitch left the pitcher lying for a few seconds and as soon as he reacted he was taken out of the game. These examples serve to show that Anita Alvarez was not the only athlete who suffered a Fainting during a competition.

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