Angry ex-guard, men accused of stealing in Ancol also doused with chili water


Police uncovered sadistic abuse driven by five former Ancol security personnel to the death of Hasanuddin (42), a suspected theft. In addition to beating with bare hands and stripping the cable, the victim was doused with chili sauce.

“From what we did before the reconstruction, this chili was mixed with water and then sprinkled on the body of the victim,” Pademangan police chief Compol Binsar Hatarongan Sianturi told reporters in his office on Wednesday (03/08/2023).

Binsar explained that the victim was doused with chili water when his condition was broken as a result of abuse by the perpetrators.

“When the victim was injured,” Binsar said.

The police had three chili seeds along with other evidence. During the press conference, the pepper was placed in a bottle of mineral water.

Delivered to the security post and interrogated

Then two perpetrators, P. (aged 35) and H. (aged 33), took the victim to the security post. There, two interrogate the victim, insulting her.

“Guilty P. and Kh. were re-interrogated there. During the interrogation, they were accompanied by bullying in the form of beating with their bare hands and feet and one of the objects, namely pieces of bamboo, to hit the victim,” Gusti explained.

Victims of the cable whip

During the abuse, the victim was about to run away but was stopped by perpetrator X. The victim was further abused by the two.

Shortly thereafter, two more security officers arrived, K. (aged 43) and S. (aged 31). The two also participated in the attack on the victim. Criminal K. even whipped the victim with a two-meter rope.

“A few minutes later, a new suspect returned, namely K. The persecution was also carried out using bare arms and legs and a white cable 2 meters long. used pieces of bamboo to hit the victim,” he said.

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