Brad Pitt’s ex-wife, Angelina Jolie has fulfilled the dream of many women: to be thin, however, this is due to a rigorous diet that is highly criticized.

The golden dream of many women is to stay slim. It is usually a goal that is achieved by combining exercise and various diets. However, on some occasions, after losing several kilos, what is called the “rebound effect” occurs, which is no other situation than returning to the excess kilos weeks later. In the case of the American actress Angelina Jolie it has also happened.

Angelina Jolie always looks skinny on red carpets

Although it is true that in recent years she has looked very thin and continues to lose weight, it has also emerged that the artist has fought against the famous rebound effect and has managed to stay, in the opinion of some, too thin.

Many of his followers wonder how he keeps going down. It has been mentioned that the protagonist of Maleficent has suffered from eating disorders, although she has said on several occasions that hers has been healthy eating.

This is Angelina Jolie’s diet
Angelina herself has revealed the secret and more than that exercise is closely linked to food. Brad Pitt’s ex-wife has mentioned in several interviews that she has only consumed steamed vegetables for a long time to which she does not add salt or sugar. These foods she supplements with protein, which is basically lean white meat like chicken or fish.

Red meats are completely eliminated from your diet and carbohydrates as well. Nor does it consume fat of any kind. This type of diet is indicated as inappropriate, since although it is true that carbohydrates and fats are indicated to be responsible for the extra kilos, it is also true that they make up a group of foods that must be consumed, although in moderate amounts, for example, not to lose

Returning to the habits of the actress, Angelina is not tempted by desserts or processed foods, this includes not consuming processed meats, not even if it is turkey or chicken.

The actress also eliminated coffee, alcohol and dairy products from her intake years ago, preferring soy milk.

The 47-year-old actress, born in Los Angeles, is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 52 kilos. There was even a time when it was claimed that she was under 50 and her bones were visible.


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