Ángela Aguilar, does she already have a BOYFRIEND ?; Pepe Aguilar’s daughter breaks the silence about her love life

Angela Aguilar He became a trend in social networks after giving an interview for the morning show Venga La Alegría Fin de Semana, where he talked about his current sentimental situation, something that has given a lot to talk about.

From an early age, the 18-year-old was destined to succeed in the music industry as heir to a beautiful voice that helped the Aguilar Dynasty to establish itself as one of the most beloved families in the Mexican region.

Despite her young age, Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter has several singles such as “In reality”, “There they see me” and “Tell me how you want” that are part of the most listened to in 2021.

Away from the stage, Ángela Aguilar also presumes that she leads a life surrounded by her family and various luxuries as she repeatedly uploads photographs enjoying enviable vacations in destinations such as France and the United States.

The young woman is 18 years old. Photo: Special

Angela Aguilar, does she already have a boyfriend?

A few days ago, Ángela Aguilar became a topic of conversation on social networks after her outstanding participation in the ceremony of the Radio Awards, specialized event dedicated to the Mexican regional genre.

After her outstanding participation, the 18-year-old was interviewed by the Venga La Alegría Fin de Semana program where she spoke a little more about her intimate life, one of the aspects that most attracts the attention of the show’s media.

Without keeping anything, the heiress of the Aguilar Dynasty confessed that she currently prefers love away from her life, since she is focused on her professional career and her various commitments with Jaripeo Sin Fronteras, a concert she offers with her father and brother, Leonardo .

On more than one occasion the young woman has said that she is happy enjoying her career. In addition, he reiterated that he would not like their relationship to be public, as it is something quite intimate.

She is one of the most popular singers. Photo: Special


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