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Through its official blog, Google announced a future update for mobile devices with operating system Android, where up to four innovative tools will be deployed before Christmas Eve (December 24) and Christmas (December 25) are celebrated. These functions belong to the following applications: YouTube, Gboard and Google Photos, likewise, a new mode called “Reading” will arrive. Would you like to know how to use them? from Depor we will explain it immediately. Take note.

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These are the 4 new Android features that will arrive for Christmas

New YouTube widget

It is a direct access to the YouTube search bar in the form of a widget, where you can quickly find your favorite music and videos without having to enter the application. In addition, it includes the shortcut to the “Home” section, “Shorts” (shorts), “Subscriptions” and “Library”.

New Gboard emojis for Christmas

There is very little left to celebrate Christmas 2022, and the Google keyboard, Gboard, is one of the most downloaded keyboards in the world, so for this reason they added two new emoticons for you to use when greeting your loved ones through the social networks and instant messaging applications. Just open a platform that contains a text field, you must have previously installed and made Gboard the default, now, in the emojis section, use the magnifying glass tool and write the following: “snowman” or “snowflake”, it is of two different versions of the ones you already knew.

Christmas collages in Google Photos

Google has improved the Google Photos collage editor with two new styles that are ideal for creating your own Christmas postcards, which have been made by the watercolor artist Yao Cheng Design and by the visual artist duo DABSMYLA, highlighted the technology portal android4all. To use them, enter the application and select the images you want, press “Add to” > “Collage” > choose the model that has the name of the aforementioned artists > “Save”.

Reading mode: the new reading mode for Android

The Christmas update has also brought the new reading mode. It is basically an application called “Reading mode”, which is capable of converting websites and other content into easier to read formats, of course, it is an app aimed mainly at people with visual disabilities or dyslexia. If you want to download it for free, click on the following link.

Why don’t users prefer Xiaomi’s MIUI?

  • Xiaomi Bugs: Gesture navigation does not work correctly, in the same way the cameras that include social networks or applications, finally, the notifications arrive after several minutes and those of a specific app cannot be deactivated.
  • security patches: When a security flaw is detected that can be exploited by cybercriminals, it usually takes Xiaomi several days to release a new patch that fixes the problem.
  • High consumption of RAM memory: with each UI update MIUIthe cell phone executes more processes and immediately fills the GB of RAM memory, which would cause bugs, slowdown of the operating system, overheating of the battery and in the worst case, a sudden reboot.
  • connections: Bluetooth is unstable, whether with speakers, headphones, smartwatches, etc. If you connect to a WiFi network without internet, the cell phone does not automatically switch to mobile data.
  • Other reasons– Dark mode is considered by users to be one of the worst features. They try to resemble the iOS user interface. The quick charge animation does not show the exact percentage.

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