Andrea Legarreta reacts to Paulina Rubio’s snub in ‘Hoy’

The famous conductive Andrea Legarreta became a trend after Paulina Rubio snubbed her during a live broadcast of the Hoy program, something that undoubtedly surprised viewers.

A couple of days ago, Paulina Rubio She was one of the guests on the morning Hoy, where she presented her new single Yo soy.

However, what drew attention is that, during the interview with the conductors Andrea Legarreta and Paul Stanley, “The Golden Girl” practically ignored Andrea Legarreta, that is, he did not turn to see her when answering the questions , which for some was a slight.

However, Legarreta defended Paulina explaining that perhaps it was not a snub, but perhaps Pau is easier to turn to one side more than the other.

In the end, she is our guest, she is in our house. And if she wants to be looking over there because that’s her side, then I have to respect her.

This is how she makes it known that she did not really look at it in a bad way, because the viewers were the ones who pointed that out.

The older I am, the more I am like ‘Jaimito, the postman’. I like to avoid fatigue. So, I prefer to think that it was not a slight. I prefer to think that this is really his side and he likes that ”, said the host in an interview with various media.

In this way, Andrea Legarreta went into more depth on the subject, explaining that the singer had put some requirements to appear on the program, one of them, the place where she would sit for the interview and that in the end it was not respected.

Yesterday was a program full of things and they took 15 minutes on the air for the president’s message, and everything was running, everything was tight. So, I feel like she would have done better, maybe, sitting where I was. But since we were already seated, he had no choice but to sit where I was, ”explained Andrea.

In addition, the driver assured that when she said goodbye, Paulina was loving with her, because apparently it was only a lack of communication.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting between Andrea and Paulina generated a lot of expectation and a lot to talk about among users, since more than 25 years ago Paulina was the girlfriend of Erik Rubín, who is in fact Legarreta’s current husband.

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