Andrea Legarreta and the most beautiful photos of the Leon Balloon Festival, Guanajuato

As every year, in Léon, Guanajuato, the International Balloon Festival was held, which was attended by the favorite host of the morning program Hoy, Andrea Legarreta, accompanied by her family they had a great time and shared the most beautiful photos.

Despite the unfortunate news that became known on social networks as well as in various media, about the complications of some hot air balloons that impacted on the nearby houses or on the same commercial positions in the place of the event, Andrea Legarreta had a wonderful time.

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“Collecting memories, what beauty so much magic together, this family balloon festival tastes better” is the beautiful phrase shared by the actress from Mexico City, along with some photos accompanied by her husband Erik Rubín and his two daughters, Mia and Nina.

Andrea Legarreta and the most beautiful photos of the Leon Balloon Festival, Guanajuato. Photo: Special

Wonderful days have undoubtedly been enjoyed at the Guanajuato capital, so it merited that they get on their social networks more than one commemorative photo to the International Balloon Festival held from November 12 to 15, 2021.

Thousands of people gathered in León, Guanajuato to admire the various hot air balloons that flew over the sky to give beautiful gifts postcards, in addition to the majestic scenery that are seen from the skies, this is how the radio and television host.

Andrea Legarreta Matrínez published in his official account Instagram Several really beautiful images, not for nothing has he put as a description in one of them, “The magic exists” and that is that the majesty and beautiful shapes of the balloons impress anyone.

Andrea Legarreta and the most beautiful photos of the Leon Balloon Festival, Guanajuato. Photo: Special

Paulina Rubio turns her back on Andrea Legarreta in Hoy

Recent days ago, the singer Paulina Rubio attended today a interview, where it was possible to see live how he turned his back on Andrea Legarreta even when Galilea Montijo’s partner took the floor.

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So the Internet users did not take long to explain that it is because Paulina Rubio is Erik Rubin’s ex-girlfriend and has not yet overcome the past, it has even been said that in the times of Timbiriche, the Golden Girl fought with Alejandra Guzmán for the most acclaimed heartthrob of the band.

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“That man is mine” is the song that Paulina Rubio dedicated to Alejandra Guzmán and Silvia Pinal’s daughter replied with her song “Hey güera”, in the end neither of them has stayed with Erik Rubín and it is said that that They still keep anger, so it was easy for him to turn his back on Andrea Legarreta in the middle of the interview.

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