And Nhi will let her boyfriend “go to the chicken coop” if he is forced to marry

Yi Nhi is the first miss in Vietnamese beauty history to announce her boyfriend right after her coronation. Since then, the love story of these two has quickly attracted the attention of the public.

Y Nhi recently participated in a short media interview. To the question: “If your boyfriend is forcing you to get married, if you do not agree to leave, how will you react?”, Y Nhi wittily replied: “I will let my boyfriend go to the chicken coop.” At the same time, she said that it was she who would decide the issue of marriage, not the family.

Prior to this, when answering SAOstar about getting married, Yi Nhee also said that at only 30 years old, she considered herself a small home. “I really still have a lot of enthusiasm, there are still many projects that I want to do. I think that before the age of 30 I will be able to think freely about marriage,” she said.

Y Nhi will let her boyfriend
Y Nhi (second from right) attended Anh Kiet’s sister’s wedding. She and her boyfriend held each other’s hands tightly.

Y Nhi and her boyfriend Anh Kiet were born in 2002 and have known each other since middle school. At the time, Y Nhi was studying mathematics at the home of a teacher who was also Anh Kiet’s father, but the two were not impressed with each other because they rarely spoke.

“In high school, when Keith and I went to the same school, we had more time to study and work at school together, and then love began. Keith praised me for being beautiful, impressed with my height and appearance. 12th grade that Keith dared to openly admit,” said Yi Nhi.

The beauty added that An Kiet is somewhat mature, calm and always understands and reconciles in every dispute. In dates, she is also prudent, ready to pay thanks to the income from working as a fashion model.

Y Nhi will let her boyfriend
Miss I Nhi.

Huynh Tran Y Nhi has just been crowned Miss World Vietnam 2023. She is 21 years old, from Binh Dinh, 1.75m tall, three circles 79-59-89cm, business administration student, International University, National Vietnam . Ho Chi Minh University. She will represent Vietnam at the Miss World 2024 pageant.

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