Analysis Capcom Fighting Collection, a review of Capcom’s legacy in the fight

When a publisher has a huge legacy behind it, compilations are the order of the day. Y Capcom counts the jewels of the last decades by dozensso it is normal that we periodically see collections of their arcades in nothing reaches us Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium-, from Disney licenses –The Disney Afternoon Collection-, of Megamanof street-fighter But this developer has given us much more in the fighting genre than the adventures of Ryu and Chun-Li, as the collection demonstrates. Capcom Fighting Collectioncoming to consoles and PC.

A tribute to Darkstalkers

For better or worse Capcom Fighting Collection can lead to confusion, since although it is a collection of fighting games from Capcom, is not representative of all the variety and sagas of the company. Whether for licenses or a commercial issue, surely more than one misses the Marvel vs. Capcom, Capcom vs SNK or some of the titles with 3D graphics of street-fighter either Rival Schools, at least to give variety or contribute something that we have not seen in other compilations. On the other hand, the amateur who wants to discover Darkstalkers you are in luck, because this is a good way to get to know the saga if you haven’t done it before.

'Street Fighter' couldn't
‘Street Fighter’ could not be missing from a Capcom fighting compilation, but this time it is not the star of the selection.

On one hand we have Hyper Street Fighter 2that covers the essential quota of street-fighter. There are multiple ways to play the series and its various revisions, such as Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collectionso it makes sense that in Capcom Fighting Collection the saga is almost in the background: this time it is not the protagonist. Fun and brings together different versions of Street Fighter 2 in a game, although it is not very well balanced when players select characters from different games. We would have preferred some Street Fighter Alpha either Street Fighter III in the pack, but there are other options to play them.

Among the lesser known games we find cyberbotswhich premiered in 1995 and faces various robots with some peculiarities such as the possibility of modifying limbs and weapons. Red Earth instead it is inspired by fantasy and this is the first time it is released on home systems; has some role-playing touch to several endings-, including the possibility of leveling up and putting us to fight against various mythological monsters, and even joined the fashion of the fatality. At least it deserves a look, since it is a curiosity.

We have two street-fighter ms, although they are spinoff. is the entertaining Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbowhich is similar to baku baku animal and many other piece puzzle games, and although it’s not technically a fighting game, we appreciate its inclusion in the collection because surely it ends up hooking more than one. In this case use colored gems and Capcom characters street-fighter Y Darkstalkers– they appear animated according to the course of the battle between the players. Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix of 1997 uses the designs super deformed of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo for a fighting game where we can collect gems to power up the characters. A casual and less demanding variant of the street-fighter main.

not classify
We wouldn’t classify ‘Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo’ as a fighting game, but that doesn’t stop it from being a very fun game.

There are five more games in the collection that make up the bulk of Capcom Fighting Collection: Darkstalkers, Night Warriors, Vampire Savior, Vampire Hunter 2 Y Vampire Savior 2 these last two are modifications of Vampire Savior that were not released outside of Japan. It was an important saga of Capcom during the 90s, and although on several occasions there has been an interest in recovering it, until now we have had to settle for some compilations of the type Darkstalkers Resurrection or the inclusion of the Morrigan and her companions in the Marvel vs. Capcom. Capcom Fighting Collection allows us to see the evolution of deliveries and its particular cast of fighters, inspired by monsters, great sprites anime style and a great personality. They have not lost an iota of their quality and games like Vampire Savior they can be placed among the greats of the genre without any problem.

There are plenty of classics in the selection, and even if some like cyberbots is below the average level, the conclusion should be the usual in these cases: the more games, the better. These titles are part of Capcom’s history regardless of whether they have achieved “cult game” status or not. Of course Darkstalkers focus almost all of our attention except for the nostalgic departures to Hyper Street Fighter 2but well worth the purchase if you want to play the series on a modern system.

A collection with more options than we imagined

There is one aspect that we should always praise Capcom for, and that is that their compilations are more than just a bag of ROMs tied together with a menu. In addition to online game that includes roll-back for a better network experience, qualifying game, friendly and personalized rooms, art galleries with 500 illustrations and 400 music themes or the option of playing different versions of the arcade games except in the two cases that only existed in Japan-, Capcom Fighting Collection brings multiple customization settings.

There are options to adjust the arcades, filters and even a training mode to practice, which is something that was not in the arcades.
There are options to adjust the arcades, filters and even a training mode to practice, which is something that was not in the arcades.

One of the doubts we had with this relaunch is that the games, being arcade versions, could not be squeezed beyond pressing Start on the initial screen and start playing against the computer or another player. In part it is true because that is how the arcade games were, but for example we have the options outside the player’s view that allow change the difficulty of the machine or the speedso if for example you are new to Night Warriors you can adapt the challenge to your liking. And we recommend it, because depending on the game, in many cases it becomes evident that the AI ​​cheats a lot or has absurd difficulty spikes to swallow coins without stopping.

The emulation also includes various filters to simulate the texture of old screens, different art for the sides of each game, simplification of tricks do not remember how Akuma is unlocked? The game makes it easy for you-, the number of rounds per game and much more. Then there are specific cases with other types of options, such as Red Earth where you can choose the character level to avoid all the grinding from the original machine.

even added a training screen for each game where to practice movements and combos, which is something that simply does not exist in arcades, and it comes in handy if you want to take the competitive part seriously. The controls are customizable and you even have the possibility of executing special movements in a simple way Street Fighter 6 count on it. So yes, the games are a bit bare in terms of modes because the arcades did not contemplate survival or other alternatives, but Capcom Fighting Collection It is very complete in terms of options..


Capcom’s name in the fighting genre is written in all caps, even if we leave aside the influence of street-fighter. There is only a small big black dot on Capcom Fighting Collection: its dependency on Darkstalkers. If you are a fan of the saga or were looking for an excuse to enter it, this compilation is for you, since in addition to these excellent games it brings a handful of other authentic rarities. But if it’s not your case, the name is a bit too big: not all of those who are –Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo sneaks in because yes-, not all of them are there.

We have performed this analysis on its PS4 version with a code provided by Koch Media.

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