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MEXICO.- Anabel Hernández revealed where she got all the information for her book Emma and the other narco ladies and assured that he fears for his life.

Since the publication of the book, several figures from the show have been involved in alleged links with drug trafficking. Celebrities such as Galilea Montijo, Sergio Mayer, Ninel Conde and the Aguilar dynasty were mentioned in the text and singled out for have friendship, business and even romantic relationships with cartel leaders.

Celebrities have responded to statements in the book in different ways. While some like Charly López, Andrés García and Platanito admitted to being involved with members of organized crime; Others like Galilea Montijo, Ninel Conde and Sergio Mayer denied everything and even threatened Hernández with taking legal action against him.

For this reason, the Mexican journalist fears for her life, although she assures that everything she published is true and revealed that I wouldn’t take a comma out of your book. This is how he declared on December 4 when he was present at the Guadalajara, Jalisco book fair, presenting his new work and answering some questions from the public.

Yes I am afraid, but let’s be honest, here among us, who is not afraid? When I speak of the victims, I know that many of us are afraid. Those who want to kill me are still in power, “he commented.

There are many questions about how you got all the information you collect in your research. According to Anabel, all the data that she used in her book was obtained from the PGR, as well as from witnesses who they worked closely with drug traffickers.

“The information that I published, the names that I published, each signal it is perfectly documented. Some of my witnesses have been collaborators of the PGR. Their testimonies are so credible that the PGR took them as collaborators. That is the level of witnesses to the events, “he said.

Finally, Hernández emphasized that her purpose was not to talk about the people in the middle of the show, but rather she sought to portray the links established by organized crime, and it was this that led her to speak about celebrities.

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