Ana de Armas, the temptation we let escape

The Cuban-Spanish actress, protagonist of the divisive ‘Blonde’, suffers the curse of Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem or Antonio Banderas, adored in Hollywood, questioned in their own country

Netflix subscribers can watch from a few days ago Blonde, the film based on the 2000 novel of the same name written by Joyce Carol Oates, which has the Cuban-Spanish Ana de Armas as the absolute protagonist. Like it or not, but the film has taken over all the moviegoing debates in recent days. It sublimates or it is detested. If most critics agree on anything, it is the colossal performance of this actress 34 years old, born in Havana and who, at the age of 18, settled in Spain -where she acquired nationality- after entering the cinema with Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón (A rose from France2005) and appearing for six seasons on The intershipthat adolescent thriller on Antena 3 in which the now relocated to Norma Jeane / Marylin took part in 52 episodes and six seasons. She went to Hollywood to try her luck because in Spain she was only offered schoolgirl roles. And that decision caused as much joke here as when Paz Vega or Penélope Cruz packed their bags to travel to Los Angeles or Úrsula Corberó burst into the late night by Jimmy Fallon to talk about Tokyo, his character in The Money Heist.

Since the day of the premiere of Blondecrusher machine Saturn devouring his son He hasn’t stopped vomiting. It is fair to say that the majority of public comments are laudable towards De Armas’s performance, even among those who have not seen the film or have left it halfway, which is very much ours to judge without knowing, but among the group of haters that have come out to the actress there is nothing we have not read before about Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodóvar or Antonio Banderassomething surprising in a society that never tires of boasting about the successes of Pau Gasol or Rafa Nadal.

Among the many interpretations of Goya’s famous painting, this custom of swallowing those who achieve glory through effort was forgotten.”

For a representative part of the hooliganism Iberian, Ana de Armas is the new banished from the bull’s skin. Hollywood and film fans around the world will know why they value it, it is said, and in the same way that pe has never ceased to be for many that posh presenter of the fifth gear Along with Jesús Vázquez, Bardem boasts of Oscar for being the nephew and son of who he is, Almodóvar is a pretentious man from La Mancha with airs of Bergman or Banderas did not go beyond the overrated praise of The Fox, Ana de Armas “acts well for five minutes because the script does not allow for more”; “It is not very complicated to give the best performance of her life, when in the rest of her works she has offered some lousy performances”; “But don’t they realize [de] that Ana de Armas speaks English with an accent?” [Hasta 2014 ni siquiera hablaba inglés.] “Oh, yes, it has so much merit to cry and scream…”. Social networks passing sentence. Among the many interpretations of the famous Goya painting, this custom of swallowing those who achieve glory through effort was forgotten. “It won’t be because of talent, it will be because of something else” represents the thought installed in many heads, either because of our well-known tendency to self-destruction, the inferiority complex or the fondness for carnival as a preamble to the definitive argument: it’s not Spanish, it’s Cuban.

His maternal grandparents were of Palencia and El Bierzo, 7,335 kilometers from Havana and 9,189 from Hollywood, up or down, according to Google. Father a bank director and teacher and mother an official of the Cuban Ministry of Education, De Armas spent seven years playing Carolina Leal in The intership (2007 to 2010) to be Joi in Blade Runner 2049 (2017) or Bond girl with Daniel Craig (2021). Between Madrid and Los Angeles, Hollywood tried to pigeonhole her in roles as an explosive Latina. The word ‘erotic’ appears twice in her filmography from her departure from Spain to the sequel to the science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott in 1982 with Harrison Ford as the protagonist. Marking her curriculum, two high-voltage thrillers with Keanu Reeves and Ben Affleck. “I don’t think he said that in Spain they didn’t take me seriously, but rather that I was in a series for many years in which I wore a school uniform. (…) I would like to go back to work in Spain”, he said on his way through the San Sebastian Festival. Days before, in Venice, her interpretation of the protagonist of Temptation lives above It earned him 15 continuous minutes of applause.

Blonde He has removed her, for the moment, from that type of role that Ricardo Darín hates (and rejects) so much, in which the Latina woman can only be a maid or a prostitute and the Latino man, a drug dealer; nothing that is strange in Spain when he has to choose an Andalusian role. Embraced by Hollywood as her new megastar, now it is Ana de Armas who celebrates the joke with which many predicted her future as an actress when he was wearing a student uniform. Marylin Monroe said it while she longed for Norma Jeane Mortenson: “In Hollywood they pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.” In Spain, sometimes too.

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