An important event in the case of the missing Korkhan Berzeg! Doberman trained dog Tina returns home

Creation date: August 29, 2023 18:03

An important event took place in the Gönen district of Balikesir: the search continues for Korhan Berzeg, who disappeared on June 17 after walking with his dog Tina. Dog Tina, trained by 83-year-old Korhan Berzeg’s Doberman, returned home.

Korhan Berzeg, who briefly worked as “Asia Director” at the World Bank in the United States and moved to Istanbul’s Buyukada after his retirement, came to his home in May with his British wife Angela Berzeg in rural Armutlu in Gönen. Balikesir district. Korhan Berzeg, who on June 17 left his phone and went for a walk with his trained Doberman dog Tina while his wife was preparing breakfast, did not return. Bursa Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Service (JAK), Ankara Gendarmerie Special Public Security Command (JÖAK), Balıkesir Gendarmerie Commandos, Gendarmerie Public Security Service, Gendarmerie Crime Scene Investigation (Oİ), Gendarmerie Crime Investigation Teams (JASAT) and Balıkesir Police Department Was a search was started with special operations and special forces teams, AFAD, UMKE, AKUT, GÖNDAK and SAR, as well as tracking dogs and corpses.


The search, which also used drones and UAVs, scanned 250 square kilometers of territory from the air and the ground; The searches took place in the countryside and in 30 blocks of the district center Gonen. With the permission of the prosecutor’s office, searches were carried out in the Armutlu microdistrict and in all the abandoned houses around it. The teams, which also checked the 80-kilometer coast of the Gyonen stream, which passes near the Armutlu region and flows into the Erdek region, and searched known wells and caves, could not find any results in the search they launched for the third year in a row. time in front of Berzeg’s house.

His dog returned home after 74 days

His trained Doberman dog, which was with him on the day of his disappearance, returned to his home in the Armutlu region after 74 days. Authorities said they informed the family that the dog had arrived and that the family had left Istanbul to come to Gonen.

A significant development in the case of the disappearance of Korkhan Berzeg: the dog Tina, trained by the Doberman, returned home


Angela Berzeg, who said they made the decision as the Berzeg family, said: “We will give a reward of 1 million Turkish lira to whoever finds Korhan alive. I still hope, I have hope that we find Korhan safely. said. Announcing that she needed help from Balikesir and Turkey, Angela Berzeg said: “Please help me find Korhan. We have always been a very happy family. We have never had problems with anyone. I want to return to our happy days “.

A significant development in the case of the disappearance of Korkhan Berzeg: the dog Tina, trained by the Doberman, returned home

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