An early decision: the young age at which Natalie Portman decided to be a vegetarian

The big decisions of our life come at the right time, neither before nor after. In the case of actress Natalie Portman, her decision to lead a life free from the consumption of animal meat was made when she was just a girl and she maintains it to this day.

By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office

Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman, has been characterized throughout his film career for making big decisions at opportune moments in his life. In the case of her diet, the star chose to be a vegetarian at an age when she should be thinking of other things.

The actress is a good eater, but she only eats plant-based foods since she was 8 years old.

From the age of eight Natalie Portman She decided that she would live as a vegetarian and that she would not eat any animal meat or its derivatives, since she was educated in respect for all living beings on the planet. The actress maintains her lifestyle to this day, but with some variations along the way.

A short time ago, and due to the special diet he had to take for his role in the film Thor: Love and Thunder, The actress began to include eggs and milk in her diet, as long as she was able to verify that the origin of these foods did not come from animal abuse or mistreatment.

Natalie Portman He gets most of the protein nutrients his body needs from the variety of vegetables and legumes he eats, but now he has included eggs in his diet, which has boosted the muscles we’ve seen him gain for the Marvel movie.

For the Marvel movie, he had to try other foods that he hadn’t eaten in decades.

What he has admitted Natalie Portman, is that he has an obsession that he has not managed to overcome in any way. The Israeli actress declared herself an obsessed fan of chocolate, a food that she consumes in all its forms and that she assures that they brighten her day when she only perceives the smell.

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