America’s fans ‘demand’ Emilio Azcárraga to sign Carlos Vela

The Mexican striker Carlos candle, player of the MLS LAFC in the United States, he has not renewed to continue in the Los Angeles team for the 2023 season and in America they dream of his possible signing, since he will be available to sign with any team on July 1.

Carlos Vela has a contract until December 2022 and if he does not renew, he will be one signature away from reaching the club he wants by 2023.

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Given these rumors that he will not renew with LAFC, the fans of Club América ‘demand’ the signing of the Mexican, who has already been wanted by the Eagles in past markets.

América has been after Carlos Vela in several transfer windows, however, they have not been able to get anywhere.

Now, América could try to negotiate with Vela so that he arrives for free in December or sign him in this same market, but for this he must pay LAFC for his transfer.

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