American paid a fortune for a Maradona stamp

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The World Cup stamp albums are collectibles extremely eye-catching for soccer fans who wait every four years for the start of the biggest festival in sport. Between acquaintances and friends, they seek to complete the book before the stickers are sold. Of course there are fans who take compilations to another level, like the subject who bought a Maradona sticker for a millionaire figure.

Greg Landsdowne, the author of the book ‘Panini Football Sticker: The Offical Celebration’, recounted in an interview that albums move people in an extraordinary way.

“It didn’t matter which team a footballer played for, each sticker was worth getting. They were all together, they all wanted to finish the album and they all wanted to help each other, “Landsdowne said in an interview with The Sun.

The impact that stickers cause is so great that exorbitant amounts are paid to get the rarest ones.

“A few months ago, a version of the Panini’s first decal Diego Maradona sold for $ 555,960 in the United StatesLandsdowne assured.

However, this is not an isolated event, as the author of ‘Panini Football Sticker’ himself explained that Americans have a great taste for collecting sports stamps, something that intensified in a pandemic, so some stickers (like Maradona’s) went through the roof.

“On USA, there is a great culture of collecting cards to invest, particularly sports cards. About 18 months, many Americans locked up they decided they were going to collect soccer stickers and cards. As a result, prices, especially for the big names, have risen exponentially. “

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