American businesses, cinemas and theaters close for two. Working from home sets the trend

When Alexander Donnelly wanted to go to a Broadway play with his friends the night the question came up, he was surprised. He is used to working eight hours. But when she had to go to the box office after seven to pick up the tickets, the theater called the tickets to the hall. His friends were just on their way, and the group finally decided to skip the show.

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), this is proof that the Amerian issue is getting early. According to him, people who work from home and want to go out to rest, as soon as they get up from sweating at home, write for change. Some non-owls think we’ll be a little boring. Another mass change of activity is being accepted, according to the WSJ, I mean the Western type of people.

I was presented with a few questions, and they all started at eight, so I was in the public eye,” Donnelly said. The WSJ is taking a break from the Playbill uvd server at two o’clock now on Broadway for a third evening program on the last day of the week.

I recommend two to the restaurant

Changes are also visible in the hospitality industry. According to the social network Yelp, today restaurants serve ten percent of orders between 2 pm and 5 pm, compared to just five percent before the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of those who go to restaurants in the afternoon is Kathy Hatfield from Massachusetts, whose employer allows her to work part-time. After work, she began to go out with her daughters for a glass of wine and dinner, and now she notices that two of her favorite places are usually full by six o’clock. So he learns that on weekends it is difficult to book a table for the seventh hour, not for the fifth. He turned around, she noticed.

In Los Angeles, on the other side of the US, luxury restaurant Asterid originally closed at 11:00 pm when it opened last spring. According to the WSJ, this time the last guests are served around 20:30.

And in New Orleans, known for its new life, River Beats alumni began to give concerts from seven to eleven in the evening. The two main stars of their events began their performance even an hour after midnight.

According to River Beats co-founder Sean Schmidt, we are seeing a drop in late spring event attendance and demand for two events. we didn’t fully know why this was happening, but it was happening, and it soon dawned on us that craftsmen who didn’t respond to this requirement were likely to be left behind, he added.

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