America with defensive failures and other reasons for the defeat against Pumas in Liguilla

Alan Mozo exploited America’s defensive weakness and opened the way to eliminate the leader and take the felines to the semifinals

Cougars gave the bell and eliminated the America in the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021. Those of the UNAM prevailed 1-3 with a double from Washington Corozo and another one from Meritao. However, the figure was Alan Mozo, who detected the weak point of Solari’s team and assisted in all three goals.

The left wing, the weak point of America that Alan Mozo exploited

The three goals of Cougars have something in common: they were born on the right wing of Cougars of the booties of Alan Mozo. That area of ​​the pitch was defended by Salvador Reyes and Mauro Lainez, but not one of the two could counteract the offensive plays of the university team.

In the first half, Alan Mozo he crossed for Washington Corozo’s two goals, the first at 29 ‘and the second at 42’. During the complementary part, the winger did damage again, from the right wing he sent a pass for Meritao to end the duel at 82 ‘, with 1-3.

The Mozo-Corozo duo was the key to Pumas

Washington Corozo had a bipolar first half. The Ecuadorian forgave Guillermo Ochoa twice, when the score was 1-0, at 13 ‘and at 24’. However, then he was key in the two subsequent goals, as well as Alan Mozo.

The Mexican side of Cougars started both plays from the right wing. In the first, at 29 ‘, he eluded Mauro Lainez and sent a cross, which Washington Corozo reached, but ended up in the networks. In the second center of Alan Mozo, at 42 ‘, the’ Manchita ‘made a solid contact with the head to turn the scoreboard.

Henry Martín missed the 2-0

In a long ball, the ‘Bomba’ managed to sneak between Nicolás Freire and Arturo Ortíz, the university defenders who could not cut the ball, which reached the boots of Henry Martín. However, the attacker could not define before the loss of Alfredo Talavera, who managed to cover the shot with his left arm.

“Non-existent penalty” opened the match scoreboard

The first goal of the match came from a controversial penalty. The play began with a ball that Arturo Ortíz lost in midfield to Roger Martínez, who went into the rival area where he faced Erik Lira, but ended up being knocked down, an action that was sanctioned as a foul. However, Felipe Ramos Rizo opined otherwise: Non-existent criminal in favor of America.

Dinenno double post

With the score 1-0, Juan Dinenno had a couple of chances that ended at the crossbar. On a corner kick, at 18 ‘, the Argentine forward headed in, but hit the crossbar. The ball fell again in the area of ​​’9’ of Cougars, who got up to hit the metal again with a head.

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