America trades 2 Mexican reinforcements; Gorriarán fell? Halftime

Mexico City /

The America has two players in its sights to reinforce its squad for Clausura 2023, both Mexicansso the arrival of Fernando GorriaranSantos player who is placed in the orbit of the club.

The above was announced by Santiago Baños in an interview with The Millennium Hobbyalthough without disclosing names, something common among managers so as not to hinder negotiations; one of them would be presented in two weeks and it could be Israel Reyes, defender of Puebla with whom they already have advanced negotiations.

“The two reinforcements that we have seen and that we have tried to advance they’re Mexicanand the topic of foreigners It will take more time because we have November, December and apart from that the World Cup is crossed in the middle and that hinders the negotiations. We will see more calmly how we will go.

“You don’t have to move to something that works, we will have to bring a couple of reinforcements that Tano Ortiz and his coaching staff have asked us forand see in the process what offers arrive for someone from the club,” he explained.

money well spent

Baños highlighted how heavily they have invested to have a highly competitive squad, although the value is seeing that the reinforcements have really worked as they wanted; now just hope that the new ones that arrive continue with the trend.

We have invested a significant amount in strengthening the squad and today those investments have turned out correctly. It makes us think that we are on the right track and that if we continue in the sense of investing well, it makes us think that we will continue to be protagonists in the next tournament.

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