America sold Lainez to Europe very early: GignacMediotiempo

The big issue in Mexican soccer is the few players who are sold to Europe and André-Pierre Gignac, forward of tigersspoke about the poor training in Liga MX, giving the example of Diego Lainezwho considered that America sold it to the Old Continent without finishing forming it and for that he struggled at Betis.

Dede criticized that the clubs do not invest in training centers for young people, as it does Pachucaa team that can sell to Mexicans in millionaire figures and the others cannot emulate them.

“If you invest in a training center, the money will return to you by selling the players, but it is a process and Pachuca understood it. Pachuca sells players for 10, 15, 20 million, why not others? America sold to Lainez and for me they sold it too early, not finished the player, to Betis. For me he had to stay six months, one more year and today he would start in Spain, but we haven’t finished training players. Pachuca finishes training them”, he said with Franco Escamilla.

For him Bomborothe training model that the Tuzos It is the one indicated for more Mexicans to come out in soccer, since the ideal is for the League to send 20 elements to Europe by year.

“I have said it, the model is Pachuca, today, that they sold Herrera, Lozano, I think they will do it with the right back. They put their players in the best conditions of basic forces. They feel comfortable, it’s part of the training. In France we have training centers that you do not suck, incredible infrastructure, education, you have to eat well, they take care of your weight and I’m sure there are good trainers. Let these people work as they should, we invest in great places so that they feel comfortable and if we have to ask for help, we ask for help. We go to France, to Holland, there are young people who go out and let’s get 20 players out to europe every yearIt’s ideal, but I don’t know how to do it. Hopefully I can help after my run,” she added.

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