Amber Heard is crowned the celebrity that generated the most interest in 2022

Amber Heard is crowned the celebrity that generated the most interest in 2022

Amber Heard is crowned the celebrity that generated the most interest in 2022

This year at last concluded one of the most notorious legal conflicts in the world of celebrities in recent times. After a movie romance, and after a year of marriage, the couple made up of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp faced divorce. What could have ended most peacefully with personal legal settlements grew exponentially when, in 2018, during the growing Me Too movement, the Aquaman star (73%) published an article discussing domestic violence that She lived with her ex-husband.

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In his text he never directly mentioned Depp’s name, but he made it more than evident. Since then, the separation became a media battle that was on everyone’s lips and with each passing day it became more conflictive. There were lawsuits, counter-suits, and many shocking statements from both parties. The strongest battle came this year with the defamation trial, which after just over a month, he won Johnny Depp.

Now Heard must pay her ex-husband $15 million in compensation, and although he must also make a payment, it is much less. What really caught our attention after the legal showdown was the way the Young Scissorhands star’s public image began to clean up (91%) after being fired from big franchises like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. (73%) and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (79%).

After the victory, Johnny began to receive important proposals once again, including his remarkable and commented participation in the MTV Awards. On the other hand, Heard began to see his career stained; His place in the DC Extended Universe is on the line and there has even been talk of a supposed decrease in his participation in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Despite this, Amber became the most searched celebrity on Google this year.

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According to what the site reported Celeb Tattlerthe name of Amber Heard was written in the popular online search engine an average of 5.6 million times a month, throughout 2022, only in the United States. In the second place of searches stands out Johnny Depp with 5.5 million monthly searches; This analysis was carried out with the data of at least 150 celebrities, with the focus of trends in social networks.

As Johnny is an actor with greater recognition for his films, it is likely that the initiative to search for Amber’s name comes with the interest of knowing what other projects he has stood out in, or even how the relationship between these two characters arose, data about her private life or news about what she would now be looking for legally, without forgetting that she was the only one who gave some interviews for television media after the final verdict.

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In the list of the most sought after stars, also stood out in third place the Queen isabel II, since this year the Queen of England died in September at the age of 96, this would imply the need to know what is coming for the crown, without forgetting the impact of The Crown (80%), which this year launched its fifth season. The Queen Isabel reached 4.3 million searches per month, while Tom Brady also drew attention after their split with 4.06 million searches.

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