Amber Heard gets a big win against Johnny Depp after months of losing streak

It seems that finally Amber Heard has achieved a small victory against her ex-husband, also an actor Johnny Depp, And it is that the controversial interpreter stood before the legendary American star in the public interest rates during the year 2022.

Amber Heard has taken the title of the most searched celebrity of the year in Google, with an average of more than 5.6 million monthly searches only in the USA.

An investigation was the one that revealed that the interpreter of ‘Mere’ in Aquaman generated the most interest from the public throughout the year 2022 and her ex-husband was in second place on the list.

The list was compiled by the news site CelebTattler, who was in charge of finding the most required character of the year. In it, data from search trends on the site and all the web pages that are present on it were analyzed.

More than 150 celebrities were tracked down by the outlet in order to confirm Heard as the most popular person in searches for Google, surpassing Johnny Depp and finally getting a small victory in front of him.

However, it is important to recognize that the public’s interest in knowing details about the actress’s life was related to the intense, controversial and mediatic legal battle that she had with her ex-husband and that made headlines around the world, which ended in a very bad way for heard, having to indemnify his ex-partner with 15 million dollars, which he has not been able to pay months after the trial ended.

And you, are you happy about this victory of Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp?

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