Amber Heard: from running away from a low-cost store to buying in a luxury store

Amber Heard tries to get on with his life after the libel trial against Johnny Depp. the actress of Hollywood garnering public attention when she was discovered shopping at a TJ Maxx, subsequently fleeing.

Now the middle Page Six published some photographs where you can see the interpreter buying different products in a high-cost specialized store.

citarella It is considered as a luxury grocery store, something that contrasts with what was seen last week, after that filming.

Amber Heard, in a luxury area of ​​the United States

Amber Heard will be found in hamptons, an area located in the eastern sector of Long Island. Still, the performer prefers to keep a low profile right now.

The latest information pointed to the leading actress in the saga Aquaman He would like to move to a mansion he owns in an area located in the California desert.

Meanwhile, doubts remain as to whether Amber Heard pay the total payment of the 10 million dollars stipulated by the popular jury. Her lawyer already commented that she could not afford that financial amount.

At the time, the legal team of Johnny Depp I already mentioned that there is a possibility that the debt could be forgiven. “It’s not a question of money,” said the actor’s lawyer Camille Vasquez.

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