Amber Heard controversially reacted to Johnny Depp’s new romance with his lawyer

The popular American actress Amber Heard has reacted to the new romance of her ex-husband, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp, in a very challenging way, making clear the interests that you currently have towards your ex-partner.

A source close to the interpreter of ‘Mere’ in ‘Aquaman’, has confessed to the US portal ‘Entertainment Tonight’, that the actress is no longer interested in any way in knowing what her ex-husband does, much less, with whom he is romantically related or with whom he is currently dating.

“He doesn’t care who he goes out with and he just wants to get on with his life,” the informant told the portal.

During the last weeks, several American media and other parts of the world assured that Johnny Depp began a relationship with one of his lawyers, who has worked with characters of the stature of the prince harry of england and his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle, after she represented him in his libel case against the British newspaper the sun in the year 2020, whose case he unfortunately lost.

A source close to the actor assured that the chemistry between the lawyer and the actor “is incredible” and that their bond is really “very serious.”

In the case of Amber Heard, He is currently with his girlfriend in a remote village on the island of Majorca, in Spain, together with her little daughter and away from all the public eye that has been attacking her massively in recent months.

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