Amber Heard and her dark past: they leak the actress’s alleged secrets at billionaire parties

As if the fact that Amber Heard was found guilty of defamation towards Johnny Depp and that her career has fallen apart in 2022 were not enough, now a most disturbing story has been leaked, which reveals the dark past of the actress, when she worked at sex parties for the most powerful billionaires. The original report was made by the writer Jessica Reed Kraus.

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Heard would have been part of parties similar to those of Eyes Wide Shut – 74%, where very rich men, and some women too, attended to enjoy themselves. It is said that the star of Aquaman – 73% was the center of attention at most parties, with men kneeling before her as she sat on a throne (via small-screen):

Tech gods, venture capitalists, founders, top executives and up-and-coming entrepreneurs gather about once a month for wild nights fueled by booze, sex and copious amounts of ecstasy.

In addition to the text, we can see some images of Heard at these parties, these are photographs as disturbing as the rest of what the report says, where the actress appears along with other women, such as the model and actress Cara Delevingne. A celebrity who wanted to remain anonymous revealed the following description to Kraus:

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A group of sexy young women rubbing each other in satanic-style leather outfits on stage, Amber on a throne-like chair in the center. Legs spread, with a perfect porn star dick on display, performing sexual acts for a room full of men looking down.

Elon Musk would have met Heard at these parties since 2011, and some of these took place at the tycoon’s house in Beverly Hills. According to the report, Amber Heard she became “the favorite” within the circle, attracting other young actresses, usually lesbians, to perform in these shows for Musk and the other billionaires. One of those attendees was Tasha VanReeHeard’s ex-girlfriend.

As if that wasn’t enough, Heard was known as “the queen of blackmail,” and one rumor has it that she had something compromising enough to blackmail Musk himself. This was stated by one of the anonymous partygoers she spoke to Kraus:

The rumor has always been that she has something dark about him, and that is why he is in her debt. She surprises no one who knows her. Amber was always filming it. She had a method. She had it under control. She could really screw Elon.

In addition to the fact that Heard mesmerized by her beauty and charisma, there are reports that sometimes she became so violent that she attacked people with a fury that left everyone shocked, to the point that some believe she could have murdered someone ( if not already done). If you are interested in knowing the history in detail and seeing all the photographs of Heard at those parties, you can read the original article of Jessica Reed Kraus in this link.

The above will affect his image even more and will end up burying his future in Hollywood. Some of her defenders accuse those who criticize her of misogyny, and although there is a high degree of it among Depp fans, it is also true that she lied and defamed her ex-husband to become famous, and almost managed to get away with it. , if it weren’t for the fact that Johnny and his legal team managed to prove that he was innocent. After reading Kraus’ report in its entirety, very few will doubt Kraus’s words. Johnny Depp when he claimed to be the victim of the relationship.

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