Amado Guevara criticizes the level shown by Costa Rica and Honduras: ‘They were not what we all expected’ – Ten

The Costa Rica national teams and Honduras they face next Tuesday in a devalued Concacaf classic and with the obligation to add to dream of the playoff to Qatar 2022, a situation that no one was considering in these instances.

The experienced and former captain of the Bicolor, Beloved guevara, was very direct in his analysis and considers that despite the uncomfortable situation in which they find themselves, the H must face this duel with all the seriousness that it represents.

“Honduras must play it like the classic What is it. My heart tells me to continue in the fight, I have been positive throughout this tie and I always had the hope that the National Team will be in the next World Cup and we will fight until the end. Let’s scratch that ticket. “

With the heart of a Honduran and as a former national selected, Guevara is hurt and very realistic with the panorama that Honduras is experiencing.

“But as an analyst I am going to say that my calculator melted, I look for him, we make numbers and it is difficult. Honduras today must think about closing with dignity. Anyone can say that there are 21 points, but already we don’t depend on us, but from third parties and the road is quite long “.

And he adds: “We must think about what is coming, build and put our vision in the next World Cup, we must draw the best conclusions so that the same mistakes of recent years are not made.”

The “Wolf” knows that the outlook in the fight for a ticket to Qatar is almost impossible. “The road was quite difficult for us, but pride is the last thing we can lose, it is the path of a country that is defending itself and as such we must do it for the rest of the tie and recover the image.”

The former captain of the Honduras National Team believes that it is time to reflect on the future. “The Selection Commission and the directors must seek where did it go wrong, what has to be changed and to think about the future “.


Guevara also made it clear that he is disappointed with the level of these two squads. “Costa Rica and Honduras they were not what we all expectedEven Concacaf was surprised at how this happened, it was not normal because of what the selections mean. Honduras already eliminated and Costa Rica with a little more hope because they have six points. The other selections United States, Mexico and Canada were favorites, but it was to fight the fourth ticket and now it escaped “.

On the statements of Alex López, where he considers that they will get the three points against Costa Rica although nobody believes it. “How good that the players continue with that hope, that thorn that that possibility still exists, but doing the cold analysis, of those seven games, we have four hard starts. Go to the United States, Panama, Costa Rica, and Jamaica, where we have never won. You have to win six of seven games and we have two tough home games against Mexico and Canada. “

And closed saying. “We depend a lot on the individualities of what Antony, Elis, Moya or Buba do to save us and we cannot aspire to something like this. We are lacking in work, there is no cohesion in the lines, a compact team, there is no clear idea. in attack and that’s difficult “.

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