Amado Guevara after the defeat against Panama: ‘The teacher is guilty and has his degree of responsibility’ – Ten

The Honduras national team suffered a hard defeat at home again, falling 3-2 with Panama and says goodbye to the World Cup dream of Qatar 2022.

Amado Guevara, Former captain of the Bicolor, he did not limit himself in his analysis on the TEN TV, where he did not hide the pain caused by this moment that the national squad is experiencing.

“I feel sad, dislodged, puzzled by so many things that go through his head, but today this chapter closes and I am already thinking about preparing the next generation for what will be the 2026 World Cup, because today Qatar is over with great sadness, “he said bluntly.

Seeing a little more in depth in what was the performance of the game, the Wolf analyzed that “the operation even and when we were winning it was not good, the result yes. One of the weak points of the Panama team is its defenses and the goals come in more due to errors than successes “.

One of the aspects that the “Wolf” Guevara rescued. “There are individuals to rescue such as Alfredo (Mejía), Meléndez who behaved up to the task and left good feelings, but the operation of the National Team had a better order.”

Guevara did not walk with warm hands and was blunt in assuring that. “Christiansen the errand wins Professor Hernán and the changes in Panama are working for him and instead those in Honduras were more because of emotion, but not something that should be done. Alex’s thing was very quick to get him out and it was to give more time, be patient or look for a variant, but not put the team back and still we found the second goal “.

With no hope of qualifying for Qatar 2022, Amado believes that it is time to start working. “Honduras must think about what comes to turn this around, close this chapter, fulfill with dignity and now fulfill with dignity, begin to prepare what will be the selection for the next tie.”


The former captain of the Honduras team considers that it is not possible that playing at home they can turn a marker that you have in your favor.

“It is not possible that being at home with a 2-0 at home take us back, That cannot happen and today we were giving away the ball, Panama was not making the slightest effort to want to get it back. They are not an intense pick, but positionally and there were no long positions to breathe a worn Alberth Elis. “

In a certain sense, he believes that Bolillo sinned in not knowing the national player. “The lack of knowledge of the Honduran player weighs heavily on the teacher, there are players that he does not know. I know Bryan Moya and I do not take him out, the only way is for him to enter the stretcher because he does not give more because they are one of those players they have that extra. Time is weighing on the teacher. “

And I add: “The teacher is guilty and he has his degree of responsibility since he assumed this challenge thinking that he could get it out, but time does not give him. With all due respect I say it and the situation is easy, how in 5 or 10 minutes are you going to turn a result? The United States team put the first and then four, today Panama puts one and makes three. Honduras is like in a boxing fight that if you hit one and you no longer react. “

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