Alza: The owner bought the premises of Vnitroblock in Holesovice

Coincidentally, Vnitroblok is located near the largest Alza pharmacy in the Holesovice market. According to the land registry, the owner changed last year before Christmas. The new owner of the plot is the company Jankovtsova 53, which has the same owner as the online seller. The name of the subsidiary, which among other things deals with the rental of office space, refers to the address of Alza’s official office in Holesovice.

The object, protected by historical heritage, belonged to Tomas Uvir, who originally intended to build apartments here. Some of them were indeed created here, but over the past five years, the transition between the houses has been transformed into a multifunctional space with shops, food outlets and event spaces. At the same time, this place also serves as a gallery for artists and designers.

“The residential part is interesting for us, part of the indoor unit is multi-apartment buildings. Our goal is to renovate the apartments and possibly add another floor,” said Jan Mudřík, head of Jankovcova 53, who is also chairman of Alza’s supervisory board. “At the same time, we want to preserve the entire territory and the uniqueness of the environment. We just want to help save some places in Holešovice so that developers don’t buy them and wash them away,” he added, adding that Alza itself will not build anything on this site. According to Mudrik, the cost of the transaction was hundreds of millions of crowns lower.

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The owners of the Vnitroblok cafe, who were behind the birth of the entire district and are now its largest tenants, welcome the change of ownership. The transaction took place at a time when the terms of the lease from local businessmen were expiring and a period of uncertainty began.

“From the point of view of the tenant, this has only pluses. Thanks to the new owner, we get a long-term contract, and at the same time he helps us develop,” says Jakub Zajic, who, together with Lukasz Ždiarski, is also responsible for projects such as Kavárna co séda name or the Radlicka cultural sports. Now they have a contract for the next five years for a cafe, a dance hall, a small cinema, event space and other places in the Holešovice inner quarter. “The new owner is doing this with feeling, he wants to continue to maintain the atmosphere that this space has,” added the young entrepreneur.

The vnitroblok began to appear in 2016 due to the transformation of the abandoned production workshops of the First Republic, which had previously been in a dilapidated state in the Holešovice block of houses. Other buildings in this part of the city are undergoing similar reconstruction, for example, a former cable factory is being used right across the road. Individual buildings in the nearby Holešovice market are also awaiting renovation. Such buildings in most cases belong to the city or the state, as was the case with Vnitroblok before, they are often protected as monuments and their development is often lengthy.

“We make our projects primarily for people,” says the co-founder of Vnitroblok, Radlicka Kulturni Sportovna, or Kavarna Ko, looking for a name.

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