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The filtering of a sexual video of the presenterSanti Millan This past weekend has turned social networks upside down. The Catalan has denounced that said ‘hacking’ constitutes a crime, since the dissemination, disclosure, disclosure or transfer of a private video is punishable by law and carries penalties that can reach up to a year in prison. Millán, however, is not the first celebrity to be inadvertently involved in a scandal of this nature.

In Spain there are episodes like those of Oblivion Hormigos or Víctor Sánchez del Amo which became especially notable. Internationally, the videos of Kim Kardashian or Pamela Anderson They also had a great impact.

Some lost their careers, and others launched them to stardom.

Kardashian, for example, managed to become the best-known person in her media family, and went from being the unknown personal advisor to Paris Hilton (who has also been a victim of this type of ‘hacking’) to one of the most relevant ‘showbusiness’ stars on the current scene.

Oblivion Ants

It is the best known case in Spain. On September 5, 2012, it became known that Hormigos, then socialist councilor of Los Yébenes, had been the victim of the dissemination of an intimate video. Politics ended up resigning, but the ordeal did not end there. The victim denounced the goalkeeper of the local soccer club, Carlos Sánchez, for spreading it (she sent it to him, as she herself explained, by accident, instead of her husband) and also to Mayor Pedro Acevedo for using the Mayor’s email for dissemination.

The former councilor, after resigning, he walked through all the television sets and participated in programs such as ‘Look who jumps!’, ‘Summer Camp’ or ‘GH VIP’, taking advantage of the media pull that the scandal gave him.

Victor Sanchez del Amo

On January 7, 2020 it was leaked a video of the then Málaga CF coach, Víctor Sánchez del Amowho quickly denounced the extortion, getting the Police to arrest a man for said crime.

Sánchez del Amo received the support of his personal and professional environment, as well as the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales. At a press conference, he explained that his family was the “victim of this situation” and asked for “maximum respect.” “It is a very serious issue, it is not to be talked about in a banal way. These crimes even cause people to commit suicide. it’s very serious», he assured.

kim kardashian

She was the model daughter of a well-known lawyer, the personal advisor and friend of Paris Hilton, and an anonymous guest at the best parties in California. And a little more. But she was famous enough for hackers to target her, and one day a sex tape of her was leaked. What could have sunk her brand new career ended up launching her, making it the great icon of celebrity in the last ten years.

Kardashian, known for the ‘reality’ in which she and her sisters record their daily lives, has spoken on numerous occasions about this scandal, and affirms that she wants explain it to their children one daystill small, naturally.

Paris Hilton

The glamorous heiress to the world’s most famous hotel chain was also extortion victim. In 2003, Hilton made a tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon called “One Night in Paris.”

The tape was leaked when the ‘celebrity’ was 22 years old, and to this day she still suffers disorder ofposttraumatic stress for that scandal. “I wished I had never met that boy. I couldn’t leave my house for months. She was so depressed, humiliated », she declared years later.

The first cases: Rob Lowe and Pamela Anderson

The first celebrity to open the list was Rob Lowe. In a video recorded in the 1980s, he was seen with two women, neither of them his wife at the time. Also, one was a minor, so the crime turned against him.

In 1998, when Pamela Anderson’s fame was skyrocketing, a sex tape with singer Tommy Lee was leaked during their honeymoon. He, in principle, did not want that to see the light, but ended up signing a contract with a distribution company and profiting from the scandal.

Macro hacking in Hollywood

In 2014 a ‘macrohacking’ shook Hollywood. Dozens of actresses and singers saw how their intimate videos and photos were made public on the Internet. Those affected were famous on the front page of the industry.

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Selena GomezKirsten Dunst, Avril Lavigne, Amber Heard, Brie Larson, Cara Delevingne, Hillary Duff, Kayley Cuoco, Lea Michele, Lizzy Caplan, Vanessa Hudgens, Winona Ryder, Alison Brie or Ariana Grande were some of those affected.

Men are also victims of ‘hacking’

Not only famous women have seen their privacy leaked on the Internet. A football player, Dele Alli, Tottenham playersparked a sex scandal in 2018 when a nude video of him was leaked.

Another case is that of Irish actor Colin Farrell, who recorded a sexual encounter with his ex-girlfriend, the model Nicole Narain, which quickly spread like wildfire all over the Internet. She also former wrestling star Hulk Hoganwhen in 2012 a video was leaked having sex with his best friend’s wife, Bubba Amorosa.

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