All The Actors In This Sci-Fi Movie Knew It Was Going To Flop Before Shooting Started – CINEMABLEND

And they were not wrong: it did not work at the box office and the critics destroyed it.

Imagine that you are an actor or actress who has just signed on for the new project of the directors who revolutionized cinema at the end of the 90s with matrix. The thing promises. However, before shooting begins, you already know that it is going to be a flop.

This is what happened to the cast of Jupiter Ascending, a sci-fi film directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski that hit theaters in 2015. The cast wasn’t wrong because when the film landed on the billboards, it was a box office disaster and trashed by critics. In Rotten Tomatoes has a 28% score and only added 183 million dollars collection worldwide with a budget of 210 million dollars. Jupiter Ascending is considered one of Hollywood’s biggest flops.

Starring Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Eddie Redmayne, the story follows Jupiter Jones, a woman who was born under signs that predicted future greatness. Her reality, however, is far from what was promised. The protagonist earns a living cleaning houses and everything is bad streaks in her day to day. her until she shows up Cainea hunter who comes to Earth to locate it and who makes him see his true destiny: Jupiter is the key to altering the balance of the cosmos.

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Tatum, who played Caine in the film, acknowledged that making the film was a nightmare. “I did four movies in a row without taking any time off. I wasn’t as good as I would have liked in the last two movies because I had no energy. Jupiter Ascending it was a nightmare from the start“, explained in Variety. “We all spent seven months breaking our backs. It was hard”.

Kunis, for her part, spoke about the project this year on the podcast Happy Sad Confused and acknowledged that everyone knew it was going to be a flop from the start. The clue was budget cuts. “When did we know? Before we started shooting because our production was cut in half. Back then, the original budget was double, and you can do a lot more with a lot more money, and a lot of times those kinds of scripts have a really good story and other great stuff,” he explained.

As Kunis, who played the lead, continues:

Right before pre-production, for a multitude of reasons with studios and whatnot, the budget was cut and the movie was different.

Redmayne, who was commissioned to interpret the villain of Jupiter Ascendingwas nominated for oscar and to Razzie the same year. In 2015, Redmayne won the Oscar for Best Actor for The theory of everything. In 2016, she earned a nomination in the same category for the danish girl, award that did not win. However, the prize that she did take was that of worst supporting actor for the film by the Wachowski sisters.

This year, the interpreter has spoken about the film and it was humorous that his performance in it was used as a meme. “Live in the history of memes. That world was way beyond my level of imagination. I just wanted to go and swim in the imagination of the Wachowskis. I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t know anything about the budget, but I had a great time doing it.“he stated in indiewire.

“But I’m not in it much either. I just remember that the character I was playing was incredibly vain and crushed humans into serum so they could live longer, so the biggest thing was I had abs and a boat tan. So that, there were a lot of abs involved and me sticking my guts in while talking in a weird voice“Precisely the voice of the actor giving life to his character in the film was one of the most commented things.

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