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Apple TV+, Apple’s movie and series streaming service, is generating more and more interest. The quality of the content is really high and there are several productions that attract attention. With this in mind, let’s talk about how much it costs to subscribe to Apple TV + depending on the plan we hire.

A good catalog at a very competitive price

The Apple TV+ catalog is growing at a very good pace with most interesting productions. Among them we can highlight Foundation, by Isaac Asimov, For all Mankind, the story of how we got to the moon based on the idea that the Soviets arrived first or Separation, one of the best series of the year, for now.

We can also talk about WeCrashed, Wolfwalkers or Finch or Greyhound, both by Tom Hanks. That without counting the productions to comesome by the hand of John Lasseter.

The quota of Apple TV + is 4.99 euros per month and includes a seven-day free trial period. There are, however, other ways to enjoy Apple’s streaming catalog at a reduced price.

On the one hand, there is the period of three months free when we buy a new device. We are talking about an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple TV or a Mac, which give us access to test the service quite completely.

Apple One, the wild card of services


On the other we find Apple One, the subscription that groups several Apple services under the same payment. Here we can opt for the individual pack, which for 14.95 euros per month gives us access to Apple Music, Apple Arcade and iCloud + with 50GB of storage, in addition to Apple TV.

We can also consider the family pack, which for 19.95 offers us the same services, but reaching 200GB of space in iCloud+ and with the possibility of sharing the plan with up to five people. Or, finally, the Premium pack, 28.95 euros per month, which adds Fitness + and up to 2TB of space in iCloud +.

The choice of one plan or another will depend a lot on how many and which services we are already using or intend to use. In many cases Apple TV + is “free” if we consider the premium of paying for the different services individually.

Finally, comment that, although in other countries there are operator plans that include Apple TV + along with other services, in a pack, this is not, for now, the case of Spain. Anyway, it is interesting that we can be attentive to possible offerssome perhaps for a limited time, that may allow us free or reduced access to Apple’s streaming service.

Which Apple One subscription plan to choose according to our needs

A service, as we have already said, thate is earning its own place in the world of streaming. No, it is not trying to compete in the catalog with Netflix or Disney +, without a doubt, but it does provide very well curated and selected content that we can enjoy, as we have seen, at very attractive prices.

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